New Story – Just in Time for Christmas


Stardawn Cabot and Logan Tyler have teamed up to bring you their (not so short) short story, Confessions Of Gemini, just in time for Christmas. It’s now live on amazon so check out the link below.

We also have a little teaser of the story for you below, so I know you’ll want to pick it up after you read it. Don’t forget to let the ladies know what you think of it and leave a review!

Beth knocked on the front door again before pressing her ear against it to listen for any noise that was coming from inside. Not hearing anything, she glanced back down at the parking spaces below her, confirming that both Melissa’s and Sarah’s car were there. Sighing she weighted the bag of bagels she had picked up on her way over. She was hoping to surprise Melissa and Sarah with breakfast, but she’d somehow missed them. Maybe they’d walked across the street to the diner or even just gone for an early morning stroll. It was a beautiful morning, and unseasonably warm as well. Still, she’d brought the bagels, and there were too many not to share. She’d leave them for them regardless. Beth pulled the keys from her bag and unlocked the door.

Swinging it open she called out again, “Melissa? Sarah? Anyone home?”

Standing still in the doorway she heard nothing. It was a bit odd, but deciding that they must have walked somewhere, she made her way inside and to the kitchen.

She deposited the bagels on the counter before muttering to herself, “I need to leave them a note.” Plucking the magnetic pad from the fridge she spun in a circle attempting to find a pen. Spotting on the far counter, she quickly crossed the room and grabbed it.

Just as she picked up the pen, however, she heard murmurs from the end of the hallway where the master bedroom was located. She knit her brow, wondering if maybe her sister and girlfriend were indeed home, and then suddenly felt as if something was off. She didn’t want to walk into some sort of embarrassing moment, but then, she didn’t want to scare anyone either.

Looking from the counter to the door to the hall, she considered what to do. Should she leave? Should she go check to see if everyone was okay? She had called into the house and gotten no answer. Maybe something was wrong. The thought of Sarah or Melissa hurt or sick decided for her.

Beth made it a whole three steps down the hall before she was startled by a loud pop. Another quickly followed, along with a yelp of pain. Her eyes grew round as her thoughts lead to her believe those sounds only meant one thing.

As she stood frozen in indecision, she clearly heard Melissa’s deep voice in some sort of lecture and then Sarah mumbled some sort of apology. Both curious and worried, Beth took several steps toward the bedroom when she suddenly jumped as several more loud pops echoed through the apartment.

Swallowing hard, Beth began to form a mental picture of what was going on, and certain things started to make sense. It sounded like a spanking… but that couldn’t be, could it? Another five or six smacks echoed through the house. Beth felt her cheeks redden and she found herself tiptoeing closer to the master bedroom door. The door was open a crack, and as she caught a glimpse of her sister and Sarah, her heart skipped a beat. It was true. Melissa had Sarah pinned over her lap and was relentlessly spanking her naked backside.

She’d heard of such relationships before. Or had she just imagined them? It didn’t look like sexual play. It looked like discipline. Melissa was lecturing and spanking, hard. Sarah was whining and squirming like a naughty school girl being taken to task. Was this really the kind of relationship they had? Was this why Sarah didn’t want her to tell Melissa she’d been out of the apartment? Was she afraid that she was going to be punished? Who even punished another adult like that? It was barbaric, yet so alluring to watch.

As Beth continued to watch, she started to feel anxious. She was suddenly ashamed and felt guilty for just starting at them like some peeping-Tom. Even as the shame grew heavier with each resounding smack, Beth’s ears tuned into Melissa’s lecture. She was fascinated, and in a strange way couldn’t get enough of what she was seeing, and hearing.

“Good,” Melissa said in a deep voice before she raised her hand high in the air. She clapped it down solidly on Sarah’s left cheek. It made Beth jump and left a visible handprint on Sarah’s bottom. Without pause, Melissa raised her palm again bringing it down four more times just as sharply as the first all in the same place.

Beth gaped as Sarah’s only reaction was miniscule jerking of her hips as each swat connected and deep puffs of breath. She felt like her feet were glued to the floor as she was practically forced to watch the scene unfold before her. She wanted to say something, to stop it, or ask why, but she was also scared. She was frozen, unable to make a decision as her mind wheeled over the whys and ifs of what she was watching.

Five swats now done Melissa held the inflamed cheek and massaged again issuing her first warning, “You will not be disrespectful to me, Sarah Annabelle.”

Without giving her chance to answer Melissa moved to her right cheek swatting five times rapidly in succession all just all hard. The swats rung loudly around them. Sarah’s reaction still was only the slight squirm of her hips. Melissa repeated the gesture again roughly caressing Sarah’s cheek which displayed several prominent handprints and lectured, “You will not be disobedient, Sarah Annabelle.”

The seconds ticked by, but it was only when Melissa changed tactics and picked up a leather paddle did Beth seem to catch some common sense. She couldn’t get caught. It was unfathomable. She had to leave, now!

Gathering her courage, she quietly backed away from the door. She needed time to process what she saw, almost as much as she needed to leave. She paused only long enough to tear the paper away from the pad she’d written on, stuffing it into her pocket and grab her bag of bagels before fleeing her sister’s home.

A Big Thank You and Some Holiday Recipes.

Rileys Reckoning Top 50

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make the release of Riley’s Reckoning such a success. Thanks to everyone who bought the book,  reposted and gave shout outs on their blogs and Social Media pages and those that took the time to write a review. For those that didn’t, you should be spanked! (Kidding!😉)

The book  stayed in the top 50 rankings in Lesbian Romance for the first couple of weeks and remained in the top 100 for several weeks after that and is still doing really well. For our little tiny genre of the Amazon literary world, this is really nice to see,  so thank you , thank you, thank you!

Since it’s getting close to Christmas, we thought it would be fun to share some recipes that our characters in our books either like to cook or eat.

In my first book, Reining in Riley, Riley prepares quite the feast at thanksgiving and everyone raves about her stuffing recipe, so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s also very easy.

Here a little snippet from the book:

“Like this, otherwise you’ll get lumps in the gravy,” Riley admonished quietly, as she came up behind Joanna at the stove and put her hand around Joanna’s hand whisking the gravy.
Joanna just smiled, letting Riley guide her hand around the gravy pan.
“Oh, this is good,” Kate whispered to Helen, motioning to Riley and Joanna in the kitchen. “Corny, but good; you can’t write this stuff!” She smiled.
Helen chuckled. “God, I wish it weren’t so complicated!”
“Are we ready to eat?” Joanna asked the room a few minutes later. “The chef informs me the food is ready!”
Joanna ushered everyone to the table and the group sat down to eat. During the next hour they talked, drank wine, and ate enthusiastically at Joanna’s elegant table.
“Everything is just delicious, Riley!” Derrick Armstrong complimented.
“Yes, and I’m going to need your stuffing recipe, Riley,” Andrea said, scooping another spoonful on her plate.

Riley’s Stuffing


  • 12 oz. pork sausage meat
  • Four Stalks of celery chopped
  • Medium Onion
  • 12 oz. box of Stuffing
  • 2-3 cups of chicken broth
  • 1 stick of butter (melted)


  1. In a large skillet brown the sausage meat with the celery and onions
  2. Transfer sausage mixture into large bowl and add stuffing mix and melted butter
  3. Mix all the ingredients together and add the broth until the mixture is moist  and has a consistency where you can form it to stick together (None of the ingredient amounts need to be exact)
  4. Stuff your turkey or bake in a baking dish or form into stuffing balls and bake. (Follow the baking times instructions on your turkey or bake for approximately 30 minutes.)

In Anna’s book, Abby’s Bodyguard, Abby has a little different taste in food. Some of you may remember this snippet from that book.

Refusing to acknowledge to herself the little rush she felt in her stomach, Abby opened her mouth in retort. Fortunately, the waitress showed up at that moment. Kate, as always, ordered something healthy, in this case, a nice cobb salad. Still excited about the court victory, Abby ignored Kate’s threat and indulged herself. She enthusiastically ordered an artery clogging, heart stopping meal consisting of a deep-fried chicken sandwich – heavy on the mayo, with a large order of fries and their special ‘death by chocolate’ milkshake. For dessert, she decided on a chocolate bar dipped in batter and then deep fried.

So in the Spirit of Abby and her craving for a not so healthy menu, this is a quick and easy meatloaf recipe that Tigger tells me is one of her go to recipes.

Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf For One (Actually plenty for two)
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time 35 mins
Resting time10 mins

This Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf For One tastes just like a bacon cheeseburger without the bun. The ultimate single serving comfort food.
Author: Joanie Zisk


  • 1/2 pound ground beef
  • 4 slices cooked bacon
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 large egg , lightly beaten
  • 2 tablespoons seasoned bread crumbs
  • 1/8 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 1 tablespoon mustard

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. In a bowl, combine the ground beef, bacon, cheese, egg, bread crumbs, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Mix well.
3. Transfer the meatloaf mixture into a 5-inch (or similar sized) lightly greased baking dish.
4. In a small bowl, combine the ketchup and mustard. Spread evenly across the top of the meatloaf.
5. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until meat is no longer pink in the middle.
Remove meatloaf from the oven and cover. Let meatloaf rest for 10 minutes

So these are a couple of recipes that reflect our Characters in our books. We would love you to share any recipes you may have and tell us which characters you relate them to.


The Anthology is Here!

The Anthology is Live and available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

Twelve Seconds is the second anthology in this series and was created purely out of love with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. Perhaps Ellie Rogue, one of the contributors put it best when she said,

First times could be the most shocking, but second times were usually the most successful because they were about growing, about trying again, about discovering and pushing through, and about putting effort in learning and proving that you could do it again. After all, what is a second? It’s a moment in time, it’s a returning to a location, it’s seeing a lost love again. First times may indeed be special, but it’s that second time that holds special meaning.

Join us for Twelve Seconds, the second anthology published by Stardawn Cabot, Claire Britain, and ten other talented ladies. Each story has its own unique spin on seconds, and although the cover pretty much says it all, we hope that you enjoy these adult-themed stories, and check out other books, blogs, and stories by these great ladies as well!

Riley Returns this Friday!


I’ m thrilled to announce that Riley’s’ Reckoning, the sequel to Reining In Riley, will be out this Friday, November 2nd!

The book will revisit some of your old favorite characters and introduce a couple of new ones such as the feisty, AJ Parker, who is an Irish exchange student, and Detective Alex Denton, the level headed cop who befriends Riley.

Below is a little snippet from the book where Riley meets Detective Alex Denton.

Riley sat in the bar shaking her head as she read message after message from the three angry women.

“Christ, really!” Riley exclaimed finishing her fourth beer as she read the last text from Helen.

“Girl problems?” A tall, slim, brunette woman with short spikey hair asked her, sitting down next to her at the bar.

“You could say that,” Riley replied ordering another beer.

“You’re new, I haven’t seen you here before; Alex Denton.” the women said, extending her hand to Riley.

“Riley Carrington, yeah only been here a few months from California,” Riley replied shaking the woman’s hands.

“So, what brings you to New York and our little seedy bar, Riley?” Alex asked with a grin.

Riley and Alex hit if off immediately and Riley found herself opening up to the stranger she had just met.

“So, she’s your girlfriend and your boss and she’s at home pissed off waiting for you?” Alex asked, amused.

“In a nutshell, yes,” Riley grinned working on her eighth beer as her phone buzzed again on the bar.

“She older than you? She sounds controlling,” Alex asked amused, sipping on her drink.

“Yeah, twelve years, she’s incredible but she’s definitely the boss,” Riley said with a sloppy grin. “So, Alex, what do you do? Let me guess, you look like a cop.”

“Guilty!” Alex said with a smile. “Detective, twenty third precinct.”

“No shit!” Riley grinned. “So what do you think about those missing women, you think there is some psycho out there?”

“Well, it’s beginning to look like that, the department has us all working over at the twenty second round the clock to try and come up with some leads but so far nothing.” Alex said thoughtfully as she regarded Riley.

“So, tell me Riley, why are you hiding out here on your own when your incredible girlfriend is at home waiting for you, hmm?” she asked with a smile.

“Fuck, where do I begin?” Riley started to explain her day while Alex listened to her attentively.

“Then on the way back I got pulled over and got a speeding ticket.” Riley finished raising her beer bottle.

“Damn girl, you had quite a day didn’t you! How fast were you going?”

“Ninety-two, cop was cool though wrote me for fourteen over. Joanna is still going to kill me,” Riley said sullenly.

“I would have given you a ticket too, young lady, that’s way too fast!” Alex said with a scowl. “But Riley, what’s the worst that can happen? Go home and talk to her. Joanna will get over it I’m sure. It sounds like she loves you very much.”

“Oh, I know she will, right after she spanks the crap out of me with her wooden paddle!” Riley replied shamelessly, the effects from the alcohol taking away the embarrassment of her disclosure.

“Oh shit, really? Well, you’re quite the rebel, aren’t you? Riley, Joanna’s not abusing you, is she?” Alex said seriously.

“No way, I think she saved me really. Fuck, I would probably be without a job and behind bars if it wasn’t for Joanna and Rae, a friend from California,” Riley replied, twirling her empty beer bottle on the counter.

“Well how about I give you a ride home. The bike’s staying here, yes?” Alex asked Riley raising her eyebrows.

“God, you sound like Joanna! Well, if the bike’s staying here then let’s have another drink. I’m buying!” Riley replied with a smirk.

“Beer and cran-soda Al?” the bartender asked as she put another beer in front of Riley.

“Yes, thanks Pat,” Alex replied with a smile.

“Wait, that’s all you’re drinking? Shit!” Riley slurred.

“You are a feisty one, aren’t you? I can see why Joanna needs to keep you on a short leash. Why don’t you at least text her where you are? She’s probably worried. It’s nearly eleven.”

“Shit, I’m so dead!” Riley said, looking at her phone and seeing eighteen missed calls and texts from Joanna, Kate and Helen.


Joanna, Kate and Helen waited anxiously in Joanna’s penthouse for word from Riley after they had cancelled Kate’s dinner party.

“I’m going to call downstairs and tell them to let us know as soon as she gets home. I’m going to kill her. I can’t believe she pulls this today,” Joanna ranted angrily, as she paced the kitchen.

“Well, after you’re done with her she and I are going to have a conversation too. She’s going to learn she doesn’t text me to mind my own business!” Helen replied with a scowl on her face.

“Well much as I would like to stay up and see Riley get the tar beat out of her, I’m going to bed; It’s after midnight.” Kate said with a yawn as she hugged Joanna and kissed Helen.

“Goodnight, Kate, sorry plans got fouled up tonight. We’ll do it another day, okay,” Joanna replied.

“No worries; night, Jo,” Kate replied with a smile.
A little after one, Joanna’s phone rang. “Thank you, Jose,” Joanna said, hanging up the phone.

“Shit, a police officer just brought her home, apparently she’s drunk!” Joanna announced in a worried tone, heading out the door with Helen.

Helen and Joanna reached Riley’s apartment in time to see a tall slender women helping Riley down the hallway.

“See, I told you she’s cute!” Riley slurred to Alex as Helen and Joanna took Riley’s arms and led her, staggering, to the bedroom.

Alex smiled and shook her head when Joanna emerged from the bedroom.

“You must be Joanna, Alex Denton,” the tall women said, handing Joanna her business card. “I thought I better help her home, she’s pretty ripped. Her bike is in the garage I had a friend follow us on it,” Alex said, handing Joanna Riley’s motorcycle keys.

“Thank you, Detective,” Joanna replied, looking at the card in her hand, “I’m sorry you had to do this. She’s not usually this irresponsible.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be having that conversation tomorrow. Goodnight!” Alex smiled.

“Goodnight, and thank you again for seeing her home safe,” Joanna replied.

Joanna returned to the bedroom where Helen was helping Riley off with her jacket.

“Don’t be mad Jo, please!” Riley slurred, as Joanna went to work helping Riley out of her clothes.

“Riley, we’ll talk tomorrow, you need to sleep,” Joanna said, trying to stay calm as she pulled the covers off the bed and helped Riley in. Helen brought in a glass of water and put it next to Riley’s bed.

“She’s out, she’s going to be feeling this tomorrow. This fell out of her Jacket pocket,” Helen said, handing Joanna the speeding ticket.

“Shit!” Joanna exclaimed as tears started to well in her eyes. “Maybe I should stay with her?”

“No, let’s go back upstairs. We’ll deal with this tomorrow, okay, Jo. There’s nothing you can do tonight; she just needs to sleep it off.”

Joanna locked the apartment door behind her as the two women headed back upstairs.

“Helen, was she afraid to come home? Did I do this? I mean…” Joanna started.

“No Jo, you didn’t. Stop it now. Riley knows exactly where she stands. She just likes to push the envelope,” Helen replied wrapping an arm around her friend. “So, what’s it going to be, death by hanging?” Helen hugged her friend with a smile.

“She’s not getting off that easily!” Joanna smiled back.

The Rodeo – Part 19

Mickey couldn’t quite place the feeling she had woken up with. Something was different and she couldn’t wrap her head around it. Something had changed, but what?

Jack’s arrest and the melee that had ensued around it, had caused them to delay taking the rodeo on its short move to Billings. The Sherriff had been back out, to talk to Cheyenne several times and it was looking more and more like Jack may have played a role in Cheyenne’s parents’ death, which up until a couple days ago, had been ruled an accident.

The NTSB had determined that the aircraft flaps had rendered inoperable shortly after takeoff causing the small aircraft to stall in midflight and plummet to the earth like a rock. Without flaps, Cheyenne’s father had no hope of bringing the aircraft down safely. Cheyenne had told the Sherriff how Jack had been responsible for the maintenance of her parents’ small aircraft.

Mickey had seen the hurt in Cheyenne’s eyes and she could sense the betrayal she was feeling. All this time Cheyenne had considered Jack, like family, while he was embezzling from the rodeo and putting people in danger right under her nose.

After the revelation the prior evening, Mickey had shared a silent meal with Cheyenne and then they had shared Cheyenne’s bed. Mickey just wiped away Cheyenne’s silent tears and held the woman she was falling in love with, with a fierce protection.

She left the warmth of Cheyenne’s bed leaving the Rodeo boss in her slumber. Mickey had been awake with her until the early hours when Cheyenne had finally drifted off to sleep.
She made her way over to her trailer where Cam and Whitney were having coffee outside, under the awning.

“How is she Mickey?” Cam asked, in concern.

“She’s having a tough time; she somehow feels responsible. I told her that prick, Jack was a clever son of a bitch. He’s been whittling away at the profits for years. A few fake accounts hidden in the expenditures, but when Cheyenne took over the Rodeo, she began to see some of the accounts didn’t add up and when she confronted Jack about it, he got desperate. The Walkers were oblivious, they trusted the man.”

“We all did Mickey, it’s hard to believe he is capable of this, to be honest.” Cam replied, in a resigned tone. “Thank goodness he didn’t hurt anyone else.”

“No word about Spirit either, Jack told the Sherriff he turned her loose about five miles north of here, but no one has spotted her. The Sherriff says it’s possible coyotes or a mountain lion may have gotten her. Cheyenne said she was a gift from her parents, best horse she ever had. I feel lousy about the whole thing really.”

“Mickey nobody blames you, although I’m pretty sure when you’re feeling a little better, Cheyenne will be having a word with you about putting yourself in harm’s way, but no one could have anticipated this,” Cam reassured her, sympathetically.

“Was she able to sleep Mickey? I feel terrible for Cheyenne, she looked so sad last night?” Whitney asked, as she came out the door of the trailer and handed Mickey a steaming mug of coffee.

“Thanks Whit. Eventually she was, she fell asleep around three, I let her sleep, she was exhausted.”

“And what about you, young lady, maybe you should still be in bed as well?” Cam said, raising her eyebrow at Mickey.

“I’m okay Cam, I’m used to it, graveyard shift will do it to you!”

“Hmm, that as it may, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the both of you. Thank goodness it’s only a short trip to Billings,” Cam replied.

“Mickey, I want to hear about some of your cop stories, it must have been exciting!” Whitney said enthusiastically.

“It was kiddo, it was,” Mickey replied, trying to hide the disappointment on her face.

“Ah shit, I’m sorry Mickey. That was stupid, I keep forgetting, I didn’t mean…”

“Nah, you know what, it’s okay, that’s history Whit. Besides, we’ve had some fun these last couple of weeks haven’t we?” Mickey replied, with a big grin and a wink at her young friend.

“Yes, we have!” Whitney replied, with her own grin.

“May I remind you ladies, that some of that fun came with consequences!” Cam interjected.

Mickey just gave Whitney a wide eyed, sideways glance which made her giggle.

“Mickey, I have been talking to Cam about the rodeo. Cam will be travelling with it the rest of the summer until the circuit is over, and I was kind of hoping, if it’s okay with you, that maybe I could tag along until school starts again. I could help Cam out, and work wherever I’m needed. What do you think, you think Cheyenne will be okay with it?”

Mickey smiled, “I think that’s a great idea Whitney, and you seem to be taking a liking to the veterinary business. I think Cheyenne will be just fine with it, and frankly, I would be glad of a friendly face around.”

“Excellent!” Whitney beamed.

Mickey had found and unlikely friend in Whitney. Although she rolled her eyes at some of her pranks, Whitney’s innocent free spirit, almost made Mickey a little jealous. She had a tenaciousness about her that Mickey admired, and no matter how much of a pickle she seemed to get herself into, she was always up to trying the next adventure. Whether it was painting goats or throwing herself in front of a two-thousand-pound bull to protect her friend, Whitney was all in.

Mickey shook off the thought. “But Whitney, if we’re going to be sharing a trailer there are gonna be some rules about keeping it tidy, got it?”

“I don’t know what you mean Mick? Besides, how much time are you planning to spend in this trailer anyway?” Whitney asked with a mischievous smirk.

“Oh really,” Mickey started, crossing her arms. “So, if I were to go inside now, I wouldn’t find any sort of a mess? Your clothes would not be all over the floor and the few dishes we have, would not all be dirty in the sink and I’m sure the bathroom would be in order too, without towels and products strewn everywhere?”

“You know, I’m thinking not, but just for my peace of mind, I will go and inspect it and make sure.” Whitney said, scurrying back inside the trailer with an exaggerated smile.

“She’s a handful, that one. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be an interesting summer!” You’re gonna be busy keeping her in line Cam.” Mickey chuckled.

“Hmm, and this comes from someone who’s got a bottom warming coming from the boss!” Cam replied with a wink, making Mickey’s cheeks turn a slight shade of pink.

That was another unlikely thing that had come into Mickey’s life, the spankings she had received from Cheyenne. At first, it was a necessary obstacle she had to endure if she were to remain at the rodeo. But Mickey was beginning to realize it was more than that, much more. To Mickey it felt a little like an investment. An Investment of trust, of time, of education, of humility, of safety, of forgiveness and most of all, love.

She wasn’t sure she understood it completely, and as much as it mortified her the first time she was bent over Cheyenne’s desk, she felt she had been given a wonderful gift.

Mickey startled, as the door of the camper flew open, and Whitney came bounding out. “Look,” she yelled, “It’s Spirit, she’s come back!”

“It is her,” Cam replied, as the three woman ran over to meet the young filly, who was ambling down the dusty road towards the barn.

Cam immediately began checking Spirit over, as Whitney fetched a bucket of water.

“Good girl, I didn’t know what I was going to do without you.” Mickey said to the mare, who was nuzzling her arm.

Mickey looked around and saw Cheyenne standing at the door of her trailer looking in their direction, and wiping her eyes. She stayed there a moment before joining them, patting Spirits neck affectionately.

“Is she okay Cam,” Cheyenne asked.

“She looks okay, couple of scrapes but none the worse for wear. I’ll take her to the barn and check her over,” the vet replied, leading Spirit away.

Mickey looked over at Whitney, who had the biggest smile, as joyous tears streamed down her face. Then she looked over at Cheyenne, who was also trying to blink away tears.

“Oh come on then,” Cheyenne said, inviting both girls into a hug.

“Alright, alright, that’s enough, we’ve got work to do. Get busy girls. I want to be all packed up and on the road in two hours, got it?” Cheyenne said, releasing them from the embrace.

“Got it boss!” Mickey and Whitney said in unison.

Less than two hours later, the trailers and trucks were all loaded and hitched, and the rodeo was rolling out of Cody. Cam and Whitney were in Mickey’s truck, and Mickey rode in the passenger seat in Cheyenne’s truck.

Mickey sat upright as she suddenly realized what was different about today. She had hope. For the first time in a longtime, she felt hope in her heart. Her lifetime dream job of being a cop was behind her, and she was embarking on a new chapter in her life, and it was okay.

“Something wrong Mickey?” Cheyenne asked, concerned, seeing the stunned look on Mickeys face.

“No, that’s just it, Cheyenne. It’s alright, it’s all going to be okay.”

Cheyenne looked over at her astounded girlfriend, and smiled, “You know what Mickey, I think it is too!”

****Holiday Intermission****

Thank you all for reading and commenting! The Rodeo will be on a little Hiatus for Holidays. We want to give everyone time to concentrate on their stories for the  Holiday Gift Exchange, over on Alyx’s blog. If you havent checked it out, you can find all of the wonderful stories here.

We’ll be checking in periodically, and we have some exciting announcements to tell you about, so stay tuned!

Happy trails for now!

The Rodeo – Part 18

While the group had been dropping off Whitney’s friends at the airport, Jack had sneaked back to the rodeo to grab a few things before making an escape. However, the Cody Police Department foiled his plans and arrested him easily.

Whitney and Cam watched from nearby, the entire area awash in a swirling blue color as the Police Vehicles made their presence known. Jack sat sullenly in the back seat of one of the vehicles, his hands cuffed behind him, as a deputy stood guard just a few feet away. His arrest was for the attempted murder of Mickey Martinez. However, the sheriff was receptive to searching the laptop for proof of Cheyenne and Mickey’s suspicions of embezzling. The rodeo had been coming there for decades and Sheriff Roberts remembered Jack well. Often inebriated, Jack had shown his bad side at times, occasionally to the point that an overnight stay in a cell was warranted.

At the moment, the sheriff ignored Jack completely as he gave his full attention to the women surrounding him. Knowing Mickey was the injured party he chose to begin with her. “Ms. Martinez. I will need to take your statement regarding the events of the night.” He looked around at Cheyenne, Cam, and Whitney. “I trust you all will stand by so we can interview each of you for corroboration?”

“Of course,” Cam shook her head affirmatively.

“You got it,” Whitney agreed readily.

Sheriff Roberts grunted. “Deputy Brown will get your statements.” He was looking at Cam and Whitney.

“I will take yours.” This was aimed at Cheyenne and Mickey. “I have other personnel making the rounds speaking with each of your other employees, Ms. Walker. I’ll need a list of their names so we can ensure all are contacted. Otherwise, I’ll have to ask you to stay in town for an extra few days.”

Cheyenne ignored that last sentence. “I’ll get that list for you while you talk to Mickey.”

The sheriff sent a young man with her and stood patiently as Cheyenne made a handwritten list for him. The laptop had a copy of the employees but she would be unable to touch it until it was checked for pertinent information by the police.

After finishing the list she followed the young man outside where she saw a deputy speaking with Cam and Whitney a notepad in hand. A quick look around showed Sheriff Roberts in deep conversation with Mickey exactly where she had left them.

Cam and Whitney’s interview didn’t take very long and they waited for Mickey and Cheyenne to finish. Finally, the rodeo owner and ex-cop headed towards them. As they trudged past the police car holding Jack, he suddenly stuck his head out the window and yelled at Mickey.

“You bitch!” he shouted. “You’ve been in my way since you got here. I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

Mickey stiffened at his words but otherwise ignored him. However, Cheyenne reacted like a Mama bear protecting her endangered cub. In a flash, she had covered the distance to the car’s door, yanked it open, and had Jack trapped against the vehicle, unable to move. Her fists gripped his jacket and held him in place as he weakly tried to push back.

“You leave her alone!” she shouted. “Don’t even look at her or I’ll-“

“Cheyenne!” Mickey’s soothing voice and hand on her shoulder stopped her from finishing the statement. “Let him go.”

With a look of disgust, Cheyenne let go just as the deputy and sheriff came to pull them apart. Jack sneered at the two of them. “You think you can run this business, Cheyenne, but you’ll learn just like your parents. I’m the reason we did so well for years.”

He spat at her feet and only Mickey’s hand on Cheyenne’s back kept her from launching herself at him once again. Thinking himself safe, Jack jerked his arm from the deputy’s grasp. A slight nod from Sheriff Roberts and pointed look made the young cop take a step back and quietly pull out his notepad while Jack continued. “Your folks always thought they were so smart. Owners of a prestigious rodeo, living on a prime piece of property just perfect for raising cattle. Respected and admired by everybody. Your Dad inherited most of it and never deserved what he got. Even as kids, I worked just to have the clothes on my back…a nobody that was always just ignored except when in the presence of the mighty Jim Walker.”

“Dad worked hard and you know it, Jack. You and I both know how hard you work on a ranch not to mention running the rodeo. He had nothing just handed to him.” Cheyenne retorted angrily.

Jack ignored her completely. “Then when he met your mother and you were born, their luck just got better. Championships and sponsors came your way and so did the money. But instead of taking that money and bringing in more through investments, they loaned it to any sorry cowpoke that had a sob story. Time and time again, I had to fix things because of their stupidity.”

He grinned at Cheyenne’s thunderous expression and clenched fists. “You don’t like hearing how your parents weren’t the heroes everyone made them out to be.”

Cheyenne gritted her teeth. “My parents believed in using their good fortune to help others. They believed –“

“They believed themselves to be better than everybody else because they had it all while others struggled.” Jack broke in.

Mickey spoke up. “And you struggled, Jack? Even after growing up and working for the Walkers?”

Jack snorted. “I’ve fought for every fucking thing I’ve ever got. Hell, even getting what’s owed to me has been a struggle.”

Mickey cocked her head to one side. “Even here at the rodeo?”

Jack was too lost in his anger to realize she was prodding him for information. “Hell yes, I struggled here. Do you know what it’s like to know every penny that’s coming in, only to see it thrown away? Hell! Half the people working around here were charity cases of the ‘Great Walker Family’.

“So you decided to help yourself to some of the money.” Mickey was like an angler slowly reeling in her catch. “After all, being in charge of the books made it easy. Nothing to it.”

“Nothing to it?” Jack exploded. “Keeping track of everything coming in and then making it look like the same was going towards bills? That’s harder than finding a flush in a poker game.”

Now Cheyenne spoke up. “And that’s your real problem Jack. You wouldn’t have had financial problems if you had lived within your means. Mom and Dad used to worry about your gambling habits and the lowlifes you did business with. How many times has Dad paid off your gambling debt to keep you out of trouble?” Cheyenne’s voice rose in frustration. “How many times did Mom work on your cuts and bruises because you hadn’t paid a bookie or a loan shark? My parents-“ Her voice broke and she stopped to clear her throat before starting again. “My parents stood by you all these years while you were sneaking behind their backs and stealing what little they kept for themselves.”

Jack contorted into a grin. “I sure enjoyed the new car after your bullriding championship, Cheyenne. You never knew about my shiny blue sports car did you? While your share went towards school, your Dad’s went into my pocket. He was stunned at how expensive college had gotten.”

He laughed at the hurt he saw etched on her face. “Yep. Stupid fool complained about how expensive your schooling was the entire time you were there. I was miserable after you had to retire from the rodeo and your schooling was complete. How is a man going to keep up his Jacksonhole condominium without a little help from his favorite Walker?”

He couldn’t resist one more dig at Cheyenne. “At least their life insurance helped pay for my trip to Florida. You know they have condo’s there for retirement that suit me just fine.”

This time Mickey’s had on her arm didn’t stop her. Cheyenne launched herself at Jack and only the body of Sheriff Roberts lunging between them saved Jack. “Cheyenne,” he barked. “Calm down.” He looked at Mickey. “Take her inside and let her get a little breather. We’re about done here anyway. Go on now,” he ordered when Cheyenne didn’t move.

He looked at Whitney who had come to stand a little too close for his liking. “That goes for you too,” he said sternly.

Whitney frowned but said nothing as Mickey gave her a look that promised retribution if she caused a problem. Pouting, Whitney headed in their direction but tripped over the deputy’s foot and landed hard against Jack. “You’re a bastard, a con man, and a jerk,” she spat at him as she pushed him hard before stomping off.

Cam shrugged at the policemen before following her girlfriend. “She’s right,” was all she said.

The sheriff and deputy looked at each other. “She’s a little firebrand,” the sheriff said with a smile.

“Yes sir,” agreed the deputy. “You want me to take the suspect on back to the station?”

The Sheriff nodded. “Put him in the interrogation room and set up the recorder. I’m thinking we might be able to get him to confess since he likes to talk so much.”

At the deputy’s dubious expression, Sheriff Roberts added, “I want that recorded confession done today. He might think about what his big mouth is costing him and clam up by tomorrow. I want it today. Period”

The deputy put Jack into the squad car, his hands still cuffed behind his back. For some reason he was beginning to sweat profusely and couldn’t sit still.

“You got a problem there, buddy?” the deputy asked calmly as he got behind the wheel of the car.

Jack glared at him and demanded, “Get me out of these cuffs.”

“No can do,” responded the deputy cheerfully. “Now just relax. It’s gonna be awhile to process you and take a statement.

“Get me out of these cuffs!” Jack was shouting now. “Get ‘em off me.”

“I’m telling you sit back and shut up,” the deputy answered in his best cop voice. “You’re going be wearing those things for quite a while. Sheriff wants your statement and we got a rule about removing them since Officer Peterson got punched during a routine statement a few months back.”

The car passed the RV where Cheyenne, Mickey, Whitney, and Cam were taking seats under the awning, Jack’s voice could be heard clearly, demanding to be removed from the cuffs.

Whitney giggled and put a hand over her mouth quickly. But her effort was futile as the giggles couldn’t be stifled.

“Whitney,” Cam seemed almost resigned to it being some sort of mischief. “What did you do?”
Whitney didn’t respond quick enough and Cam moved to lean over her menacingly. “Do I need to ask you a second time?”

Whitney slunk down in her seat. “No,” she pouted. “I um…” She sighed heavily and shrugged. She leaned forward and pulled a small container from her pocket. “Here.” She gave Cam a moment to read the label. “I sort of poured itching powder down his pants.”

“Whitney!” Cam exclaimed, clearly exasperated. She opened the container and turned it upside down to show it empty. “And how much was in there?”

Whitney looked down and stared at her fingers. “It was a new container. I had used the first one the other night so I had this one. Besides, he was hurting Cheyenne’s feelings,“ she blurted out.

“And just what were you planning to do with this one? Why were you carrying it with you?” Cam asked sternly, one hand on her hip.

Whitney knew she was in trouble and hated to make things worse by admitting Lyn was once again her target. Thankfully, she was saved as suddenly Cheyenne let out a guffaw that took them all by surprise.

They looked over to see Cheyenne holding her sides as she bent double laughing. “Wait a minute, Cam,” she finally got out before cracking up once more. Finally, “you dropped an entire container of itching powder down Jack’s pants?” She looked at Cam. “That’s the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Leave Whitney alone, Cam. She’s punishing Jack better than I possibly could. They won’t let him out of those cuffs for a while and he can’t scratch.” She slapped her leg as laughter overtook her once again. “Whitney. You’re one of a kind.”

Wondering what happened, Whitney looked to Mickey who was giggling with Cheyenne. Catching her eye, Mickey gave a wink and then joined in the laughter. Finally, Whitney looked at Cam to gauge how much trouble she was in. Cam’s glare was broken by the grin that spread from ear to ear. Whew! For once, Whitney’s mischief hadn’t landed her in trouble.

RODEO Part 17 conclusion

Okay this is the final addition to part 17… 

Cheyenne pointed to the couch when both her and Ellie had entered the trailer. “Sit please. I think we need to have a talk about not putting yourself in danger.”

Ellie continued to stand “I don’t believe this discussion is necessary, Ms. Walker. I am perfectly capable of living my own life.”

Cheyenne gave her sternest look to this young upstart. She kept it up until Ellie started to fidget. Next, she reached into her pocket and started looking through her contacts.

“What are you doing, Ms. Walker?” asked Ellie.

“Looking for the sheriff’s personal cell phone number. From what you just said I assumed you wanted to change your mind to Option one. I am sure the sheriff could be here in no time at all.”

Cheyenne was almost knocked over by a lightning fast Ellie as she tried to grab the phone. “No, Ma’am. Please, Ms. Walker I didn’t mean any disrespect. No, please I want Option two. No sheriff, please.”

Cheyenne looked down at Ellie one more time “Are you sure Ellie? Because what you just did and how you talked to me just earned you 10 extra with the paddle. You already had 15 for impersonating a rodeo clown and 10 for speeding. That will be a total of 35 with my family paddle that is sitting on the table right there. That doesn’t even count all of the ones with my hand to get your bottom ready for the paddle.”

It was very hard for Cheyenne not to smile at what Ellie did next. This little brat had her jeans off, folded and carefully placed on the table with such speed that Cheyenne didn’t even have time to say a word. Ellie than bent over and touched her toes and said “Please, Ma’am. I am ready.”

Cheyenne’s view was a pert bottom covered in red panties with the word BRAT in bold black lettering covering her cheeks. Knowing Ellie could not see her, Cheyenne let herself smile. This young lady was too much. “If you are sure Ellie? I can see we agree that you are a brat!”

“Yes, Ma’am. I have been told this, many times in my life.”

Cheyenne did not respond except to step up closer to Ellie. She brought her arm back and forward with speed and force several times. She was impressed that Ellie kept her position.

“Very well, Ellie, I think we will finish this on the couch it is going to be a very long discussion.” Cheyenne sat down on the couch and patted her knees.

Ellie was over them without hesitation. “Is this okay, Ms. Walker?”

“Yes, Ellie it is perfect. You know if you had done this ten minutes ago, you would not be looking forward to 35 strokes with the paddle.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Sometimes my mouth engages before I think. I am sorry.”

“I believe you have proven that to be very true, young lady. Now let’s see what I can do to help you think before you say or do, next time.” Cheyenne decided that was enough words, what was really called for here was action.

Over the next fifteen minutes, Cheyenne swatted every inch of Ellie’s bottom, including sit spots and the top of her thighs. Ellie stayed in position and never reached back. “Ellie you have done really well so far. It is time to bare your bottom now, please lift your hips.” Cheyenne was able to slip the panties down to Ellie’s knees.

She evaluated her work on both cheeks, sit spots and thighs. Not quite satisfied with the deepness of red, she continued with her hand for several more minutes. Next, she raised her knee to help her reach the sit spots. Cheyenne knew that Ellie had a very long flight ahead of her and she would have to sit for hours at a time. At last she felt satisfied with the color or red she had achieved, but to make sure she brought Ellie’s panties up and compared the reds. “Perfect, thank you Ellie for wearing such a wonderful color of red.”

Cheyenne was pretty sure she heard Ellie say “They will be thrown out, as soon as I can!”

“It is time for the paddle, Ellie. I will not lie to you these are going to hurt. I will start with the fifteen for putting your life in danger as a clown in with the bulls. I will do them in sets of five.”

Not wanting to waste any time, Cheyenne picked up the paddle and covered Ellie’s rear with five quick swats. As soon as she saw Ellie breathing normally again, she repeated her lesson. After the second set, she could hear Ellie hissing and praying for it to stop. It took a little longer for Ellie to regain control, before Cheyenne was able to complete the three sets.

“Oh please, Ms. Walker. I will never do such a foolish act again. I promise. Please can we stop?”

“I wish we could, Ellie, but I don’t think I would be doing you any favors by stopping too early. Next, are the 10 for speeding this morning. That officer’s kindness was misplaced, young lady, you need to be held accountable for your decisions.”

Cheyenne picked up the paddle and continued with her sets of five. This time she laid a few in the sit spot area. She could see that Ellie was having a hard time taking all these, so she let up on the intensity of the next five. Cheyenne was sure that Ellie couldn’t tell the difference. Her bottom had to be one large sensitive nerve.

“Ellie, you have been doing wonderfully, so I am going to give you an option of resting for five minutes before I finish up with your last ten or having them done quickly right now.”

“Thank you, Ms. Walker. Please go ahead and get it over with. I don’t think I can last much longer. My bottom will never forgive me for what I have done!”

Cheyenne took a deep breath and landed the last nine in record speed. The last one, as always, should be the most memorable. She brought her arm up and with terminal velocity she came forward right in the middle of Ellie’s cheeks.

Ellie howled with pain from that last stroke. “Ms. Walker I promise never, ever to misbehave again. I am so sorry.”

Cheyenne rubbed Ellie’s back “I know little one, please make sure you keep yourself safe. I would like you to let me know that you arrive home safe and sound, please?” She reached for Ellie’s panties and helped pull them back into place.

She helped Ellie stand and then gave her a nice big hug. “I am sure all of your friends are in the barn waiting to share their stories with you, and hoping that I have not killed you.”

Ellie grabbed her jeans and slipped them up very carefully. “Thank you, Ms. Walker. No one has ever cared enough to paddle me like that.”

“Your welcome, Ellie. Just remember if I ever hear you have risked your life again, I will find you and I will bring my paddle.” Cheyenne smiled at the young imp in front of her.

She walked her to the door and watched her slowly walk towards the barn.

Cheyenne returned to the inside of her trailer and sent a text to Mickey and Cam. “Would you both like to come over for a beer. I think we all need one.”

Both Mickey and Cam arrived at her door at the same time. They both looked like she felt. “Did your brat wear you out like mine did?”

All three of them laughed and opened up a beer. Mickey held her bottle up for a toast “May we find a much quieter rodeo in Billings, Montana!”


About an hour later there was a knock on Cheyenne’s door. Cheyenne spoke loud enough for the person to hear “Come in.”

The door opened and Whitney poked her head inside. “Hi Cheyenne, Mickey and Cam. My friends would like to say good-bye, they need to head to the airport.”

The three of them got up and headed for the door. The three ladies were already sitting in the car and didn’t look like they wanted to get up. Cheyenne found that really strange considering how their bottoms should be feeling.

She walked over to the car to say good-bye and wish them safe travels. As she reached in to give Ellie a hug she noticed that she was sitting on a plastic bag that looked very familiar.

Mickey and Cam also said their farewells and soon the troublesome trio were on their way.

Cheyenne turned to where Whitney was standing. “Whitney, does Cam have any more frozen vegetables in her freezer?”

Cam and Mickey both turned to look at Whitney.

“How did you know, Cheyenne? Sorry Cam I owe you some frozen peas, carrots and corn.”

All four of the ladies were laughing as they returned to Cheyenne’s trailer.


Hi WA follower,

Here is more of my post. I have a few more scenes to finish, but thought I would reward your waiting…

Cheyenne quietly entered Mickey’s bedroom and softly stepped to the opposite side of the bed. She smiled as the sounds of a sweet snore emanated from Mickey. That is such a cute sound she thought. She didn’t want to leave Mickey alone with all that she had been through. She slipped her jeans off and with great care she laid down on the bed, on her side with her back to Mickey. Her mind started replaying everything that had happened in the last few hours.

Next thing she knew an arm and leg wrapped over her. Cheyenne smiled, apparently Mickey liked to cuddle when she slept. The warmth of Mickey’s body lulled her to sleep.


Cam escorted Whitney back to her trailer. “You know young lady you are in a tremendous amount of trouble, right?”

Whitney stopped dead in her tracks. “But Cam I was only trying to protect my friends and you! You jumped in there too!” She emphasized the last statement with a foot stomp and hands on her hips.

Cam looked sternly down at the young woman that stood defiantly in front of her. She was really adorable she thought, stop that she chided herself. This young woman needed boundaries and stability and most of all love. “Whitney Lansing, don’t you dare take that tone with me. You march yourself right into my trailer and into the corner!”

Cam was soon met with Whitney’s eyes blazing, and her mouth was opening… “Don’t say another word unless you want an extra-long discussion over my knee!”

Whitney pivoted on one foot and stomped into the trailer. Apparently from the noise Cam heard she continued to trudge into the corner also. Cam shook her head, that woman is going to be the death of me.

Cam entered the trailer and saw that Whitney had indeed found a corner to stand in. If you could call it that, Whitney had decided to do a hand stand facing the corner. “I see next time I will have to be more specific to the finest detail what I expect of you, young lady, when I send you into the corner.”

Whitney smugly answered, “Ma’am, yes Ma’am”

Cam ignored Whitney and walked back to her bedroom. She knew exactly what implements her brat needed. She was going to make damn sure that Whitney never even thought about jumping into the arena with a charging bull ever again.

After procuring the items, Cam returned to the family room, by the time she saw Whitney’s face it was purple. “Whitney get up!”

Cam’s demand startled Whitney and she fell into the table and the flower vase went crashing to the floor shattering right alongside Whitney. “Don’t move!” Cam rushed over to see if Whitney was okay.

Whitney was shaking with laughter “Cam you scared me half to death. Why did you yell at me?”

Cam was trying to control her temper, so she took a few deep breaths. “Whitney your face was purple, you were ready to pass out. Now please don’t move until I get this glass cleared out of the way. Then we are going to have a real long conversation, a really long discussion!”

A few minutes later found Whitney bare bottom over Cam’s knees. “I see the laughter has stopped, Whitney. Now would you like to tell me why you are in this position?”

“I disregarded my safety and jumped into the arena with an irate bull. I helped my friends with the idea of the itching powder and I was a smart ass in the corner, Ma’am”

Cam nodded her head even though Whitney could not see her. “Yes, I believe that sums up everything quite nicely. Now it is my responsibility to make sure you never want to repeat any of these infractions.” As the last word left her mouth Cam’s hand connected with Whitney’s bottom.

Cam watched as Whitney’s pale skin turned a pretty rose pink in the shape of her hand. Cam’s artistic inclinations took over as she began to paint her blank canvas with even shades of rose to deeper pink. Whitney’s small whimpers were background music to her ears.

“Whitney your bottom is almost ready to begin the real spanking. It is a lovely uniform deep pink. Are you ready, sweetie?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Cam I am really sorry I messed up again.” Whitney said.

“I know babe, but I don’t ever want to worry about you putting your life in danger. Remember to breathe.” Cam raised her arm and arced her stroke as she came down and back up. This stroke purposefully reached the sit spots. The movement of Whitney’s pert rear end entranced Cam. It was almost meditative. Her canvas was now a very nice red. It was time to send this message home.

Cam picked up the leather tawse and brought it down with gusto. It took two swats before Whitney’s protests registered on Cam’s ears.

“You know Whitney it is supposed to hurt. How else are you going to learn how much I care about you? How are you going to understand that you are never to put your life in danger again?”

“I promise Cam, honest I promise!”

“I know, sweetie, but I believe we have quite a few more before we even get close to making sure this message sticks.”

Cam continued to bring the tawse down with precision. She covered Whitney’s bottom twice before taking a rest and rubbing her cheeks with her bare hand. The warmth emanating from Whitney’s rear to Cam’s hand sent a wave of pure pleasure through Cam. She knew that her girl would be feeling this for some time.  She gently patted Whitney.

“Okay, sweetie, I am going to finish this punishment up. I hope we never have to have a conversation like this again. I would much rather be giving you a good girl spanking.”

Whitney sniffled “Me too, Ma’am. From now on that’s all I want, please.”

Cam chuckled because she knew that the odds of that happening were astronomical with her Whitney. “We will see. Now relax your bottom and remember to breathe.”

The hairbrush rained down on Whitney’s very sore tush. Whitney took pity on her sweetie and did them fast and furious. After twenty she laid the brush down quickly and started the process of calming her babe down. She rubbed Whitney’s back until the sobs subsided. Then she gently reached down and brought Whitney up to sit in her lap. She was careful to place Whitney so her bottom did not touch her thighs, but was in cradle between them. She wrapped her arms around Whitney and whispered calming words into her ears.

“Whitney, please try to behave for a while, I really hate having to do that to you.”

“Cam that makes two of us. I promise I will try my best to behave.”

“I know you will sweetie. How about we get you in bed, so you can get a good night sleep. We are packing up tomorrow to head towards Billings, Montana. Plus, you have to say good-bye to your friends.”

As they entered the guest bed area Whitney turned to Cam and gave her a big hug. “Cam would you mind cuddling with me until I fall asleep?”

Cam couldn’t resist the beautiful face looking up at her, with eyes that were glassy with tears from her spanking. “Sure sweetie.”

In no time at all they were both comfortably in bed. Cam was holding Whitney as she silently slipped into slumber land. Cam joined her soon after.


When Mickey woke she looked at the clock it was 5 am.  As she became more aware of her surroundings, she felt the warmth of a body right next to her, immediately she turned her body so she could see who it was. When she saw it was Cheyenne her body responded with a flash of heat that ended up in her core.

She reached out and brushed away a few strands of Cheyenne’s hair from her face. That face was so relaxed now, there wasn’t a stress line to be found. Her lips were pursed perfectly for a kiss. Mickey’s instinct kicked in and she gently brushed her lips across Cheyenne’s. A small electric shock ignited Mickey’s desire. Mickey continued to explore Cheyenne’s body with her eyes. Mickey noticed that the kiss ignited a response in Cheyenne, because her nipples were now poking through her tank top.

Mickey couldn’t resist reaching out and gently touching those nipples. A moan escaped from Cheyenne and her eyes opened. “Good Morning, Ms. Martinez. It has been a long time since I was woken up with a kiss and soft caresses. Should I get use to this?”

Mickey chuckled “Why Ms. Walker that all depends on whether you like it or not. I will warn you to be truthful when you answer that question, because I seem to be looking at irrefutable evidence.”

“I would never lie to you Mickey and yes. The answer to whether I enjoyed it or not is a definite yes.”

Mickey leaned in and kissed Cheyenne with fervor their tongues explored each other making the kiss more intense. When they came up for air, Mickey reached down and gently grabbed the bottom of Cheyenne’s top and pulled it up over her head. That maneuver succeeded in displaying two luscious breasts and restraining Cheyenne’s arms, so Mickey had freedom to discover both without inhibitions. She bent down and sucked on the right nipple as her left hand played with the other one.

The moans coming from Cheyenne spurred Mickey on, her right hand traveled to Cheyenne’s nether region. She smoothly slipped her hand under the waste band of Cheyenne’s laced panties. Her fingers immediately found the nub of pleasure. They paused long enough to tease it to hardness and slipped into a warm pool of womanly juices. Both ladies moaned in pleasure simultaneously.

Mickey lifter her head from the lovely breast she was attending. “Why Ms. Walker, I believe you are enjoying your morning wake-up call?” purred Mickey.

A moan of pleasure was the only response that Mickey heard. Mickey was inspired by that deep graveled sound, so she deftly slipped off Cheyenne’s panties with a little help from hips being raised.

Mickey moved positions so she was between Cheyenne’s legs enjoying the picture of arousal that she had accomplished. Her eye’s met Cheyenne’s and she wiggled her eyebrows up and down before disappearing into paradise. Her tongue devoured everything it could reach. She alternated between licking and nibbling with her teeth the pulsing pleasure point.

When she knew the time was right she inserted two fingers into Cheyenne and curved them upwards until she found the perfect spot to thrust in and out. Mickey timed the rhythm with the movement of Cheyenne’s hips.

“Yes! Mickey oh god Yes!” Cheyenne yelled.

Mickey continued until Cheyenne’s body stilled. Mickey looked up into Cheyenne’s eyes that were bright with passion.

“Come up here. I need to hold you after that.” Cheyenne demanded.

Mickey was more than happy to oblige. When she arrived, she found that Cheyenne had easily taken her top off the rest of the way and now both of her arms were open. Mickey laid her head on Cheyenne’s breast with a sigh of contentment.

“You sound pretty pleased with yourself, Ms. Martinez!”

With a chuckle Mickey answered “Most definitely!”

Instantly Mickey felt the weight of Cheyenne over her. Her t-shirt was removed in one smooth motion and her hands were placed above her head.  Mickey could feel that her nipples were as hard as pebbles. She wasn’t ready for the immense sensation of what Cheyenne did next. Teeth bit into one nipple as a few fingers twisted the other. It was an intoxicating mixture of pain and pleasure.

When Cheyenne stopped, Mickey wanted to beg for more. Before she could, she felt Cheyenne removing her boy briefs down to her ankles. Soon there were sensations that Mickey couldn’t even describe. Her body was on fire, there wasn’t a part of her that Cheyenne had not touched. When she felt a warm tongue and teeth slide across her nub and lower lips, she could feel her body tense for what was going to be a magnificent orgasm. She thought just one more second…

Everything stopped. Mickey looked up to see an evil smile on Cheyenne’s face. “That my lover is part of your punishment. You will not be allowed to orgasm until after I have dealt with your lack of self-preservation. I want you to be with me for a very long time.”

Mickey was very tempted to finish the job herself, so she started to move her hands. In a matter of seconds Mickey’s lower body was up in the air. Cheyenne’s one hand held her by her ankles and the other one was swatting her bottom with rapid fire accuracy.

“Ouch, Ow, Okay, Okay I won’t touch. But you are evil!”

Another swat reached her bottom, this one had more power to it and sent a real message to her brain. Mickey looked at Cheyenne and pouted. “Yes, Ma’am. I will follow your orders, Ma’am”

“Very good, Ms. Martinez. I knew you were a fast learner. Now we need to get cleaned up and ready for Whitney’s friends to return here at 8. I was wondering if you would like to punish Peach? She did mess with your gun.”

Mickey grinned “That would be my pleasure!”


At 8 am sharp Cheyenne was waiting outside in front of her camper with Mickey. Cam and Whitney had joined them a few minutes earlier. Cheyenne looked at her watch and began to pull out her phone to call the sheriff. When the honking of a horn coming from a dust cloud could be heard.

Whitney laughed “That would be my friends in that dust cloud. I bet Ellie is driving today!”

The dust cloud arrived at 8:03 in front of Cheyenne and the rest of the group. The three ladies jumped out of the car and all started talking at once. “We are sorry, so sorry for being late.”

Cheyenne put her hand up and they quieted down. “Just one of you speak please.”

Comically Peach and Carrie took a step backwards and left Ellie by herself. Cheyenne tried not to smile as she watched the antics. “Well Ellie, it looks like your friends elected you spokeswoman.”

Ellie looked around to see that her friends were behind her. “You two are such brats! We were detained by a police officer on our way here. Otherwise we would have been fifteen minutes early.”

Cheyenne’s lips thinned “Why were you detained by the police Ellie?”

Ellie looked up at Cheyenne, but couldn’t meet her eyes. Ellie’s foot started making circles in the dirt.

“I am waiting and I do not like to ask the same question more than once!”

Ellie’s head snapped back up. “I was speeding. Apparently in this country you are not allowed to go 100 mph on empty streets. Who knew?”

Cheyenne was shocked “You were going 100 mph? Did you get a ticket? You should be in jail! What happened?”

The three ladies chuckled and Ellie continued “No, Ma’am, no ticket. She was a very nice young officer and found out that I was leaving the country today, so she left me with a warning. Your police in this country are very understanding. No?”

Cheyenne shook her head “No, Ellie they are usually not that understanding. You were very lucky!” Cheyenne took a calming breath and continued. “All right the three of you know that you have punishments coming your way. This is how it is going to happen. Peach, Mickey will be punishing you. Carrie you will go with Cam. Ellie that leaves you with me. I am sure I can explain driving safely to you at the same time. Whitney will you go check on the animals until Cam can get to any that need care, please? Any questions?” Everyone shook their head no.


Mickey lead Peach over to her camper and followed her inside. She could tell Peach was nervous she was wringing her hands as she stood in the middle of the camper.

“Peach have you ever had a spanking before?”

“Yes, as a child. Never as an adult.”

Mickey thought for a bit then proceeded “Okay first of all, are still wanting option two over option one?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“Very well, this is how this is going to work. I am going to sit on the couch. You are going to walk over to me and take down your jeans. At the beginning I am going to allow you to keep your underwear up. Eventually when I get to the leather strop you will be bare bottom. Do you understand?”

“Yessss, Ma’am”

“Now please tell me why you are getting a spanking from me?”

“Ma’am do I really have to say it?”

“Yes, you really have to say it. If you stall any longer I will give you some swats until you are ready to tell me and then we will start the real spanking. That is completely up to you.”

Mickey watched Peach for a few seconds. The young woman was not budging either from nerves or stubbornness. Mickey really didn’t know, but she did know how to get her talking. She brought her arm back and with a little energy swung it forward landing her palm with extreme accuracy on Peach’s behind. She was able to get three swats in before Peach started to sputter.

“Ma’am I messed up and put real bullets into your gun and I could have hurt someone or myself. Plus, we put itching powder in the cowgirl’s beds.” All of those words rushed out of Peach like a tidal wave.

Mickey nodded and took hold of Peach’s hand to escort her to the couch. Mickey sat down in the middle of the couch and placed the strop at the end so Peach could see it when she was draped over her knees. “Please take your jeans down to your ankles now, Peach.”

Mickey watched as Peach’s fingers fumbled with the button and zipper of her jeans. Soon the jeans were down on her ankles and she had revealed her boy briefs that had peaches printed all over them. Mickey bit her cheek to keep from smiling.

Holding her hand out to Peach, Mickey gently helped her over her knees. “Peach are you comfortable enough?”

Peach nodded her head. Mickey gave her a quick swat “Only verbal answers Peach.”

A muffled answer “Yes, Ma’am I am comfortable”

“Peach, before I begin I need you to make sure that you keep your hands away from your bottom. You can leave them under your head or stretch them to the floor, but under no circumstances reach back. I could hurt you and I don’t want to do that. If you do reach back I will start the spanking all over. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

Mickey didn’t waste anymore time, she began the spanking in earnest. With each swat she was rewarded with an ‘Ow’ from Peach. Mickey was enjoying watching the bounce of Peach’s pert bottom with each swat. She also found that she was aiming for each peach on her boy shorts.  A couple of times she had to scoot Peach closer to her and hold her tighter, so she could keep her from falling off her lap.

Mickey found that mixing up the rhythm of the spanking, kept Peach from anticipating where and when the next one would land. Mickey continually amplified the intensity. She knew she was getting her message across by listening to the volume increase of Peach’s protests.

She decided to take a break and check in with Peach. “Young lady, are you planning on messing with another person’s gun ever again? How about breaking into someone’s bedroom and placing itching powder in their bed?” While she waited for the answer she decided to take a peek at the color of Peach’s lower cheeks. She was very satisfied with the uniform red she saw.

“No, Ma’am. I am going to keep my protests on the internet or marching!”

“Very good, Peach. I am happy to hear that. Now we need to really send this message home. Your briefs are going to have to be pulled down now. Please lift your hips slightly so I can slide them down.”

Mickey heard a muffled groan, but Peach did lift up her hips. The briefs slid down to her thighs with ease. When Mickey saw what all of her work had accomplished on Peach’s bottom, she realized what satisfaction Cheyenne must feel at this point of a spanking.

“I am going to continue with my hand until your bottom is a deeper red and your sit spots are completely covered Peach. I will let you know when it will be time for the strop. If you continue to take your punishment as well as you have been. You will only get ten with the strop. If you act up I will increase the strop by ten each time.”

“Yes Ma’am. But Ma’am it hurts a lot already and I promise I will never touch a gun again, honest.”

Mickey smiled at that statement. She knew from experience at this point in a spanking, you would promise anything not to feel anymore swats. She decided that she would let her hand do the rest of the talking.

Lifting her right arm a bit higher and increasing the velocity with the down stroke Mickey was able to quickly deepen the red on each of Peach’s cheeks. She lifted her one knee so that she had better access to Peach’s sit spots. Soon both sit spot areas were a uniform red. Mickey was satisfied that Peach was finally ready for the strop.

She gave Peach a few gentle pats on her bottom and rubbed her back a little. “Peach, it is time for the strop. You need to concentrate on relaxing your bottom and breathing. Trust me it really does help. Since you are new to this I am going to count them for you.”

“Yes, Ma’am”

Mickey picked up the strop and placed it on Peach’s bottom, while she adjusted Peach on her lap. She knew how hard it was to wait so she picked up the strop, aimed it. Brought it up and down quickly 5 times covering Peach’s whole backside.

Peach was alternating between ‘Ouches’ and pleading “No more please.”

“That’s your first five Peach. You are doing well.”

Mickey repeated her peppering of the strop with only 4 strokes. The last stroke she brought back a bit farther and added velocity down.

Peach shouted “Please Ma’am, no more!”

Mickey dropped the strop on the couch and patted Peach’s back. “You did really well Peach. When you are ready to get up, just lift your hips and I will help you get your briefs back in place.”

It took a few minutes before Mickey felt Peach’s hips lift up. She slipped the cute boy briefs back in place and helped Peach stand. Mickey wasn’t sure which set of cheeks was redder. She gave Peach an encouraging smile, right before Peach bent down to pull her jeans up.

Mickey stood up and gave Peach a gentle hug. “You did real well Peach. I sure hope you learned your lesson.”

Peach returned the hug “Yes, Ma’am. I definitely did.”

Mickey grinned at Peach and helped her towards the door. “Peach why don’t you go find Whitney in the barn. I am sure your other friends are either with her or will be joining her soon. Please stay safe.”

Mickey watched Peach walk gingerly towards the barn. She noticed that Cam was watching Carrie walk towards the barn with the same gait. They both grinned at sharing the same site of watching both young women rubbing their bottoms on the way to the barn. She waved at Cam before she went back into her trailer.


Cam struck up a light conversation with Carrie as they walked towards her camper. She learned that Carrie had met Whitney in college and they both had joined up with the rest of the animal activists through the internet and other college organizations.

Cam opened the door for Carrie and invited her in. Cam asked “Carrie would you like something to drink, water, soda?”

“No thank you, Ma’am. I am too nervous to drink anything.”

Cam decided that she needed to get Carrie to relax before she punished her. “Why don’t you take a seat on the couch.”

Cam watched as Carrie took the few steps towards the couch. Carrie stopped in the middle of sitting down and stood right back up. She pointed at the hairbrush on the table in front of her. “Are you going to spank me with that?”

Cam tried not to chuckle at the expression on Carrie’s face. She decided to give her a small smile and nod gently. “Yes, Carrie your bare bottom is going to feel the back of that hairbrush. But that will be after it is fully readied by my hand. Don’t you think putting your life at risk in a barrel in an arena with a raging bull deserves a memorable punishment? Please sit down.”

Carrie sat down, but her eyes never left the hairbrush until she answered Cam’s question. “I guess, Ma’am. But I didn’t put my life in danger on purpose.”

Cam nodded her head. “Why don’t you explain how you happened to find yourself in that situation Carrie?”

About five minutes later, Cam had a much better understanding of why Carrie and Ellie had done what they did. She also knew a little bit more about her Whitney. During the conversation Cam had noticed that Carrie had leaned back into the couch a sure sign that she had relaxed.

“Carrie, given all the information that you have now and how dangerous those bulls are, would you ever impersonate a rodeo clown again?”

“No Ma’am”

“Good choice, Carrie. Can you tell me now why you are going to be spanked?”

“Yes, Ma’am. First, I chose option two with Cheyenne instead of the sheriff. Then I put my life in danger and others because they had to come rescue me.”

“Carrie have you ever been spanked before?”

Cam watched a blush cover Carries face. She remained silent waiting for an answer.

“Yes, Ma’am I have. I might tend to get myself in certain situations, around certain Toppy people who take it upon themselves to correct my behavior.”

Cam let out a chuckle she couldn’t help it. “I am sure you do. I am going to go over my rules so there are no issues. One we will start off over your underwear but your jeans will be taken off and folded and placed nicely on the table. Two when you are over my knees you will keep your hands away from your bottom. If you allow them to get in the way, I will start the spanking completely over. When I am ready for your panties to come down I will tell you and expect you to lift your hips up so it is easier to slide them down. They will stay on your thighs. After the spanking I will help you replace your underwear to keep your modesty as much as I can. Do you have any questions?”

Carrie shook her head “No, Ma’am”

Cam walked over to where Carrie was sitting “All right why don’t you stand up and take care of your jeans. I will get myself comfortable and ready for you to place yourself over my knees.”

A few minutes later Cam was staring down at a bottom covered with boys briefs with flames and little devils smiling and staring back at her. “Carrie, what little I know of you, I believe your knickers suit you!”

“Thank you, Ma’am”

Cam began the most important job of a good punishment. Sensitizing the brat’s skin so she feels everything later more intensely. Her hand was like a machine, pumping up and down. She covered every devil and flame she could find on Carrie’s bottom and sit spots.

As most experience spankers do she looked for signs that she was getting her message across. Carrie was trying her best to breathe in and out and relax. Cam was countering that effort with mixing up timing, placement and intensity. In Cam’s experience this type of punishment was an intricate dance between spanker and spankee. The intent was always that the spanker leads the spankee to see the error of their ways.

Cam lifted her knee, which resulted in Carrie’s sit spots being a more prominent target for the upswing hand that landed with gusto. She knew she was accomplishing her goals when Carrie was no longer able to stay still. Her toes were taping the floor and on occasion a leg would lift.

Cam knew in a few more minutes the building heat in Carrie’s bottom would cause her to become vocal. Five swats later Carrie started to make hissing noises and a few ‘ouches’ could be heard. The heat emanating from Carrie’s posterior also let Cam know that she was almost ready for the hairbrush.

“Okay Carrie it is time to bare your bottom.” Cam waited for Carrie to lift her hips, as soon as she did the briefs slid right down to her thighs. Cam took a look at her work. She was very pleased to see that she had a beautiful deep red evenly spread across both cheeks and sit spots.

Cam reached over and picked up the hair brush. She rubbed circles with the bristle side of the brush on Carrie’s tush. Then she flipped it over and rubbed the wooden side across one cheek and than the other.

With lightning speed Cam used that hairbrush to pepper Carrie’s bottom. Carrie let her discomfort be known “OMG Ma’am, please no more. I swear I will never get in an arena with a bull ever again. I won’t even think about it or itching powder.”

“I am sure you won’t dear. But it is my job to make sure you keep that promise. You’ve done a really good job so far. I think ten more might do it!”

Cam brought the brush down with extra force six more times. Cam could hear Carrie’s breathing getting a bit more ragged. “Okay Carrie these last four are meant to really get the message across. If I ever hear that you put yourself in danger like this again, I will find you and double what I gave you today. I hope you understand that Whitney’s friends are important to her and in return important to me.”

The force of the last four swats caused Carrie to yell out “Please no more. I will never do anything like that again. I promise.” Carrie laid limp over Cam’s knees.

Cam patted Carrie’s back “Let’s get your underwear back in place and you can work on getting yourself back together.”

“Yes, Ma’am” Carrie lifted her hips and Cam slid the boy briefs back in place and helped Carrie stand up. Cam followed her up and gave her a nice hug.

“You did a great job, Carrie. Just don’t make me have to repeat that. Why don’t you get your jeans back on and go see Whitney in the barn? I am sure your other friends will join you there soon.”

As Cam opened the door she saw Peach headed to the barn. She turned back to make room for Carrie to get by. “Looks like Peach is headed that way herself. Try to behave Carrie.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Thank you, Ma’am”

Cam watched Carrie try to catch up to Peach without having her jeans rub her bottom anymore than necessary. She had seen that gait on more than one occasion. She was smiling to herself when she noticed Mickey was smiling at her and waving. She waved back and walked back into her trailer. She needed to start packing up things.

RODEO Part 17

Hi Wayward Angel followers. I am finally back to work! Which of course through me a bit behind (pun intended) on my post here. I am going to post what I have written so far and finish it up later today, before you all lynch me. I promise as BratBoss you will not suffer any longer than it takes me to finish the rest of this post. Hope you all are enjoying your Friday. CJ 

Cheyenne looked out in the distance where Whitney was pointing. “Whitney do you still have Mickey’s truck keys?”

Whitney reached into her pocket and pulled the keys out and handed them to Cheyenne. Cheyenne sprinted to the truck, cranked it up. The passenger door opened and Cam jumped in with a first aid kit. “Don’t say a thing, you know that woman is going to need medical attention. She always needs medical attention.”

The truck accelerated towards the shadowy figure. Cheyenne wasted no time in getting to Mickey. The truck was bouncing all over the ground and kicking up dust. Cheyenne felt a hand on her arm, she glanced quickly at Cam and then returned her eyes to the figure that had chosen to stand rather than walk anymore.

“You know Cheyenne, she is going to be alright. Try to take a few deep breaths and calm down, and for God’s sake slow down so we don’t add anymore injuries to her.” Cam exclaimed.

Cheyenne, took Cam’s advice and calmed herself. It seemed to take forever to reach Mickey, but in reality, it was only a matter of minutes. She jumped out of the truck and started coughing as she swallowed the dust from her braking so hard. Cheyenne could hear Cam coughing also as she ran to Mickey.

“Mickey, you’re bleeding! What happened?” Cheyenne put her arms around Mickey and tried to stand her up. Mickey was bent over coughing and gasping for air.

“Cheyenne stop badgering the woman. Help me get her to the tailgate, so I can see where she is injured.” Cam directed in complete doctor mode.

After a few minutes they were able to get Mickey into the back of her truck and under the camper topper. Cheyenne was able to locate the switch for the light with Mickey’s help. Mickey still hadn’t said anything except groan when she was jostled.

Cheyenne held Mickey’s hand as she watched Cam begin to assess Mickey’s injuries. Methodically Cam covered Mickey’s body evaluating each area of concern.

“Mickey this left shoulder injury, is it from a bullet grazing you?” Cam asked.

“Yes, that ass-hat Jack pulled a gun on me, I disarmed him, and the gun dropped and went off. It’s just a scratch no big deal.” Mickey explained.

“Mickey, what do you mean Jack pulled a gun on you? What the hell happened? Cam is it really a scratch or something worse?” Cheyenne demanded.

Cam was the first to respond “Cheyenne, it needs to be cleaned out so I can see how deep it is and determine if it needs any stitches. Plus, it seems that her face has been hit looking at that bloody lip and her bruised cheek. Her ankle is swollen and her left rib cage is tender. I haven’t checked her back yet but with everything else, she had to at least aggravate the hell out of that injury. We need to get her to the hospital so they can do some x-rays.”

At the mention of the hospital Mickey exploded. “Oh, hell no, we need to go after Jack! He tried to steal Cheyenne’s computer and paid off the rodeo clowns. He was ranting about taking over as the owner of the rodeo. We need to talk to the Sheriff!”

Cheyenne stood there in shock, her mind was reeling with all of the information that both Cam and Mickey had just blurted out. “Okay, Cam can you drive us to the hospital. I will call Whitney and tell her where we are heade…”

“Hell no! I just told you we need the Sheriff and we can’t let Jack get away!” Mickey shouted.

Ignoring Mickey, Cheyenne turned her head back to Cam “Please let’s go.”  Cam had already slipped out of the back of the truck and was putting up the tailgate.

“Cheyenne! We can’t…”

“Mickey, I suggest you think about what you are going to say next. Be really careful that it is what you want me to hear. I already have plenty of questions for you which I believe will end up in several discussions over my knee!”

Cheyenne stared at Mickey and watched her open and shut her mouth several times without making a sound. Eventually Mickey crossed her arms over her chest and just frowned back at Cheyenne.

“Excellent choice, Ms. Martinez.” Cheyenne did her best not to smile at the pouting Mickey, instead she picked up her phone and called Whitney. She explained the hospital plan to Whitney and instructed her to get Mickey’s trailer cleaned up. Her last instruction was to find out when all of Whitney’s friends were scheduled to leave. She didn’t tell Whitney that she needed the information to make sure that each one of the miscreants felt some consequences for their poor choices.

When they reached the hospital, the same doctor was working in the ER. He recognized Mickey. “Welcome back Ms. Martinez. What brings you back to our ER?”

Cam jumped in and explained everything she had found while Mickey laid on the gurney. While Cam was talking, the Dr. was checking out each area on Mickey. “Well Ms. Martinez you do seem to have a knack for getting hurt.” He turned and addressed the nurse that was standing next to him. “First get the shoulder wound cleaned out and then let’s get her to x-ray for the ribs, ankle, face and her back. I want to see if she aggravated her previous injuries.”

Cheyenne and Cam found themselves back in the waiting room. They were alone for only a few moments when the Sheriff entered the waiting room.

“Hi Cheyenne and Cam, Whitney called and told me what she knew and that I would be able to find you both here along with Mickey. Can you give me more information? Whitney was a bit sparse on details.” the sheriff stated.

Cam and Cheyenne spent the next few minutes filling the sheriff in on everything they knew. As they were finishing up the doctor entered the waiting room.

“Hello ladies, I just wanted to update you on Ms. Martinez. She is a very lucky woman. We were able to close the bullet wound with only a few butterfly bandages. She didn’t break any bones, but she will have some sore ribs, ankle and a contusion on her jaw. Her back I am sure will also be sore from her leaping off the horse.”

Cheyenne asked “When can we see her, doctor? Can we take her home?”

“She should be ready to go in about fifteen minutes. Can you do me a favor? Keep her from visiting our establishment for a while, please.”

Cheyenne couldn’t help but smile at the doctor’s request. “No worries, Doctor. We are moving on to Billings, Montana next.”

The Doctor smiled back “Maybe I should give them a heads up that all of you are coming their way? On second thought, they should have the same surprise I did. Night ladies.”

Thirty minutes later Cheyenne, Mickey and Cam were headed back to the rodeo grounds. Mickey had been given some over the counter pain meds. She refused a prescription for anything stronger.

The Sheriff had gone back to her office to place an All-Points Bulletin (APB) out on Jack. She had questioned Mickey for a few minutes to fill in some of the larger holes in her information about what had transpired.


Cheyenne pulled Mickey’s truck into the spot right in front of the trailer. Once she knew that Mickey would be alright she started thinking about the young women sitting in Mickey’s trailer. All the trouble they had caused and how close they had come to being physically hurt because of their shenanigans. It was enough to get her palms itching, causing her to rub them on her jeans to calm the feeling down.

Jumping out of the truck, Cheyenne ran around to the passenger side to help Mickey get out. Cam slid out through the driver’s side and rushed over so they both could assist Mickey into the trailer.

Music was blaring from the trailer and it seemed that there was dancing, since the trailer was rocking. Cheyenne opened the door and all dancing stopped along with the music. She gave each woman her best stern look and in a blink of an eye all of them were sitting properly on the couch. Cheyenne bit the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling at the extreme change. She turned to help Mickey into the trailer.

Whitney spoke first “Mickey, how are you? We were so worried about you.”

Mickey gave her a smile “I am fine Whitney, I just need some sleep. Thank you all for cleaning up the place. I hope to see you all in the morning.”

Cheyenne started to help Mickey get back to her bedroom, but turned back to all of the miscreants and said. “I will be back in just a few minutes, I expect all of you to still be sitting on that couch when I get back.”

She continued to help Mickey to her room. Mickey started chuckling “You know you have all of those trouble-makers nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, right?”

Cheyenne raised her brow at Mickey, but blew the effect by smiling. “I sure hope so, that was what I was going for!”

Cheyenne began helping Mickey get undressed and into bed. She caught herself staring several times at the beautiful woman before her. She felt her pulse racing as a warmth engulfed her whole body. She shook her head to try to refocus on getting the woman in bed to rest. Her eyes automatically went to Mickey who was looking at her quizzically and smugly at the same time. Damn how did she pull that look off and make it so sexy? “Alright Ms. Martinez into bed you go.”

“Aren’t you going to join me, Ms. Walker?” Mickey wiggled her eyebrows up and down and pretended to pout.

Cheyenne watched the theatrics with humor “I believe Ms. Martinez, you need rest. I will check in on you after I have dealt with our guests. Now please get some sleep.”

Shutting the door softly as she left, Cheyenne was still wearing a smile. Mickey was quite an intriguing woman. She went from one extreme to another, reckless at times with her safety and at other times so caring and protective of people around her.

There were muffled whispers coming from the area where all of Whitney’s friends were confined. It became instantly quiet when Cheyenne was spotted coming down the hallway.

“Hello ladies, thank you for staying put, while Cam and I took care of Mickey at the hospital.” Cheyenne looked at each woman on the couch and was happy that she had their full attention. “I know it has been a very eventful day for all of us. I am sure that most of you would like to be getting ready for bed. Unfortunately, that is going to have to wait until I explain your options for the consequences of your actions, since you arrived at my rodeo.”

Cheyenne paused to let her words sink in a little. She knew when each woman had realized what had been said when they started to fidget in their seats. “By the way you are all moving, I will assume that Whitney explained what your options will be. I think though it will be best for all of us if I state it myself. Two of you put your lives at risk as clowns in an arena full of one of the most dangerous animals we have in the rodeo. One of you used real bullets in Mickey’s pistols, which could have killed someone or herself. I don’t know how many of you were involved in the itching powder debacle, that included trespassing, and breaking and entering. Whitney I am sure that Cam will be resolute in dealing with your second infraction of jumping into an arena with a raging bull inside!”

This time when Cheyenne stared at each woman in front of her she met their eyes with a stern look and a raised eyebrow. Each of the ladies could only stand staring eye to eye with her for only a few seconds. Satisfied that they were listening Cheyenne continued. “You have two options. I call the sheriff right now and she comes and picks you up and takes you to jail. Or you get to experience old fashion western punishment. This punishment will consist of you getting your backside heated up to a very uncomfortable level. I will give you a few moments to make up your minds.”

Cheyenne left them pondering their doom and walked over to the refrigerator. “Cam would you like a beer?” She turned and almost ran into Cam.

“Sounds perfect!” Cam said, then lowered her voice “Nice speech boss. I think there were some definite butt clinching going on.”

Handing Cam a beer, Cheyenne whispered back “I sure hope so!”

They both walked back to the couch. Cheyenne gave each one of the ladies another firm look. “All right, please tell me which option you have chosen. Peach?”

Peach visibly gulped, “Option two, Ma’am”

Carrie and Ellie answered simultaneously “Two Ma’am”

Cheyenne nodded “Very well, it is my understanding that the three of you have flights out at noon tomorrow. I expect you to be back here at 8:00 am sharp tomorrow. If you are one minute late I will call the sheriff and you will not make your flight. Is that understood?”

All of the ladies nodded.

“Ladies I expect a very polite verbal response to my questions.”

In unison they all said “Yes, Ma’am”

“Much better. Now I suggest that you get back to your hotel and get some rest. I will see you in the morning.”

The women could not get out of the door fast enough. Cheyenne watched the comedy unravel before her eyes. Whitney even tried to run, until Cam grabbed her by the belt loop of her jeans and pulled her back into her arms.

Once they watched the ladies drive away. Cam turned to Cheyenne “I think I am going to deal with this one tonight and tomorrow morning. We will see you tomorrow.”

“Good Luck, Cam.” Cheyenne said as she shut the door and locked it. Her thoughts immediately returned to the woman hopefully asleep in the bedroom.

Rodeo – Part 16

Mickey had to think fast, if Jack was up to no good as she suspected, then she had to try and stop him. She couldn’t just accuse him, as she had no real evidence, but she could sure as heck call his bluff. She ran as fast as she could back to her trailer and slipped inside, just hoping Whitney and her friends had done as they were told and stayed put.

“Mickey, what happened, did you win? It’s not fair we had to stay in here!” Whitney exclaimed, as she entered the trailer.

Mickey took a quick inventory and through the mess of silly string, ice cream wrappers and soda cans, all four girls were accounted for.

“Whitney, listen carefully, I don’t have time to explain anything right now but I need you to take the keys to my truck and pull it up behind Jack’s as quick as you can, so my truck blocks him in. I’m going to head him off, but if he comes near you, just go to the arena and  find Cam and Cheyenne understand?”

“Huh?” Whitney said, with a confused look.

“Please Whitney, do it now. Then come straight back to the trailer and stay put until I get back, I’ll explain everything later. The rest of you stay here.”

“Okay, sure thing Mick, I can do that. Maybe I should have a gun in case…”

“No Whitney, no gun, now go, and don’t stop for anything,” Mickey said, ushering her friend out of the trailer with her.

“You got it Mick, you can count on me!” Whitney said hightailing it towards where Mickey’s truck was parked.

Mickey headed back in the direction where she had last seen Jack, and as she rounded the corner of the stables she saw him heading for his trailer.

“Hey Jack, how come you’re not watching the rodeo, what do you have there?” Mickey asked stepping in his path.

Jack jumped as Mickey appeared before him.

“That’s none of your concern, now get out of my way.”

“Um, Cheyenne is looking for you Jack, she sent me to find you, something about she figured out what’s been going on? She didn’t seem very happy. She called the Sheriff too, any idea why Jack?”

A panicked look appeared on Jack’s face as Mickey played him like a fiddle.

“Shit, get out my way girl.” Jack said, pushing past Mickey.

“Cheyenne also wants her computer, hand it over Jack!” Mickey demanded, catching back up with him and standing in his path again. “Just what do you have to gain from this anyway, huh Jack? I know you paid off the clowns, why are you trying to sabotage the rodeo?”

“You don’t know anything. When Cheyenne’s rodeo goes under, it will all be mine and no meddling city girl’s gonna stop me.”

Mickey was bracing for a fight, she knew Jack wasn’t going to give up the computer willingly and now her suspicions were confirmed, Jack had been up to no good from the start.

“Outta my way,” Jack spat back at her, as he began to head for his truck.

“Not so fast, hand it over Jack, I don’t want to hurt you,” Mickey replied, once again stepping in front of him.

“Ha, you got lucky before little girl, but I think this time I got you out gunned!” Jack replied, as he removed his forty-five revolver from inside his jacket and pointed it in Mickeys direction.

Mickey put her hands up slightly and backed away, she wasn’t used to people openly carrying weapons and since Jack usually wore his on his hip she thought he was unarmed.

Jack turned around and walked backwards towards his truck, his gun stayed pointed at Mickey as he walked. Mickey inched after him slowly.

“Stay where you’re at girl, or I’ll pull this trigger, you hear me! I ain’t afraid of killing you and you won’t be my first.”

As Jack rounded the other side of the stable building Mickey stopped and flattened herself against the corner wall. She would soon find out if Whitney had come through for her.

“What the hell! Girl, you better get over here and move your truck or…”

“Sorry Jack, no can do, the keys seem to be back at my trailer.” Mickey called out after him, silently thanking her friend for coming through for her.

“That’s it, you’re dead!” Jack declared, as he furiously came back towards Mickey.

Mickey jumped on him as soon and he rounded the corner, not losing sight of the weapon in his hand. She had trained for this, and the gun easily became lose, as Mickey bent his hand backwards causing him to lose his grip on the pistol. As the old gun hit the ground the hammer was dislodged and a shot rang out causing both of them to startle.

The next thing Mickey felt was a pain in her left arm which distracted her long enough for Jack to get to his feet. He jumped on a saddled horse at the hitching post that was spooked from the loud bang.

“Shit.” Mickey said, looking down at her arm then up at Jack who was galloping away. The bullet must have ricocheted off the iron gate and grazed her arm.

Mickey got up and ran into the barn. She quickly put a bridle on Spirit and led her out of the barn, vaulting up onto her back when they cleared the stable door. Mickey galloped after the cloud of dust that was Jack in the distance. She knew Spirit was fast and within a couple of minutes she had Jack in her sights. Mickey kicked Spirit on faster, and soon she was riding neck and neck with Jack.

Mickey nearly lost her balance on the filly, as Jack landed a sidekick to her rib cage causing her to slow up. Mickey kicked the eager horse on again, but this time she came up from behind and as soon as she was close enough she leapt from Spirit’s back and tackled Jack from his horse. They both landed hard on the ground and Mickey couldn’t ignore the pain that shot through her back and shoulder. When she tried to sit up, she felt a fist connect with her face. Adrenalin and anger fueled her as she got to her feet and headed towards Jack who was standing about ten feet away.

Mickey glared at him. “I have you now old man, I want the laptop!”

“No chance city girl, it’s coming with me,” he said, tapping his jacket.

Mickey saw a confused look come over Jacks face and he started to look around frantically. When she saw the laptop on the ground between her and Jack she smiled.

“Come and get it Jack,” Mickey said, wiping a drop of blood from her lip.

Jack’s eyes went wide and he started to back away from Mickey who was coming at him with a purpose. He turned tail and ran to his horse that had pulled up in the meadow about thirty yards away and was now happily chomping on grass.

“Damnit!” Mickey said under her breath, as she tried to run after him, only to have another sharp pain in her ankle mar her progress.

She watched as Jack mounted the horse and galloped away. Mickey could see him stop on the other side of the meadow to collect Spirit, and she could only watch helplessly, as Jack and the two horses disappeared into the distance.

“Shit!” Mickey said, as she picked up the hat Cheyenne had bought her. She dusted it off and put it back on her head. She let out a deep sigh, as she retrieved the laptop and started limping back towards the rodeo.

Mickey didn’t know which part of her hurt the worst and she walked miserably for about an hour, but then she began to think of Cheyenne and a small smile crossed her bloody lips. She was falling for the beautiful rodeo boss and couldn’t wait to be back in her arms. She would tell her about her traitorous manager. She knew Cheyenne would be disappointed but at least Mickey could probably figure out what Jack was up to, now she had the computer in her possession.

It was nearly dark as she limped, exhausted and bloody, into the rodeo grounds. She was tired and hurting but she smiled at the thought of seeing Cheyenne.

Then her smile disappeared as she reflected on her actions over the past couple of hours. “Shit, Cheyenne’s gonna kill me!”


“Someone better start talking, my trailers been ransacked, my computer and two horses are missing and Jack and Mickey are nowhere to be found.” Cheyenne demanded, as she glared at the four women who were looking very guilty in front of her.

“Whitney, you wouldn’t do this I know, but do you have any idea what’s going on?” Cam asked her with folded arms.

“I swear Cam, the only thing I did was park Mickey’s truck behind Jack’s.” Whitney said, plucking a piece of silly string that was hanging down in her eyes from her hair.

“Yes, you keep telling us that, but was it so Jack couldn’t get away or so Jack couldn’t go after Mickey?” Cheyenne asked, raising her hands in resignation.

“Come on Cheyenne, you know Mickey wouldn’t have done anything, there must be an explanation and at the moment Jack has a lot of explaining to do.”

A knock at the trailer door interrupted them. Cheyenne opened the door and Lyn stood in the doorway dangling a pistol from her fingers.

“We found this on the ground by the stable block. It looks like one round has been fired. You want us to try and find them?”

“Damn, really? No, but thanks Lyn. It’s getting dark and the sheriff is on it This looks like Jack’s gun.” Cheyenne replied taking the pistol and unloading it.

Whitney’s eyes went wide, “Mickey could be in danger, we have to find her,” she said, pushing her way past Lyn out the trailer.

“Whitney Lansing you get your butt back here this instant!” Cam called after her, with a more than stern tone.

“But we can’t just sit here we have to…Wait, is that Mickey?” Whitney asked, squinting in the dark, as a limping figure approached in the distance.