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This is exciting! Anna will have freelance writer and author of Sex with Shakespeare, Jillian Keenan on her blog.

Anna Reilly Spanking Romance

I have a wonderful announcement, ladies!  Jillian Keenan has agreed to an interview here on the blog!  Yep, JILLIAN KEENAN!  (glad you can’t see me jumping up and down in a most untoppy fashion)For those few ladies that aren’t familiar with the name, I’ve provided a link to a webpage that may help you get a better understanding of just how wonderful it is that she is taking the time to talk with us.


Ms. Keenan is also mentioned in Wikipedia: Erotic Spanking.  The entry states:

     According to Dan Savage, journalist Jillian Keenan is “America’s most prominent spanking fetishist” today.[17] She has written about erotic spanking for the New York Times,[18] Slate,[19] and Pacific Standard.[20] In her Slate article, Keenan criticized the use of spanking as a punishment for children, while acknowledging that children and adolescents who experience sexual pleasure while being beaten may go on…

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Snippet Part 2

15EF1B54-6848-4ECB-87AC-D463B3F232F4So as promised here is the second snippet from Learning Curves. I think what I failed mention last week is,  it is set when Rae is in her second year of college. Her mother is at her wits end with Rae’s reckless behavior so she sends her to go and stay with her mothers friend, Anna Mae Donaldson for the summer.

This picks up right after the last scene I posted last week. Rae is given the choice to go home, or cut a switch.


Anna Mae chuckled as she saw Rae, clad only in her t shirt and underwear, point to a thick branch on one of the Crepe Myrtle trees.
“Oh, lawd child, I want to put a sting in your tail not beat you till your black and blue!”

“Well I told you I don’t know. How do you expect me to know what a suitable switch is?” Rae asked gloomily, looking around to see in anyone was watching her in her undressed state.

Anna Mae smiled. “Oh, I suppose you don’t, here let me show you.”

Rae just stood and watched as Anna Mae cut a couple of supple twig-like branches from the shrub and proceeded to clean off the leaves. They didn’t look too bad Rae thought to herself, surely those little twigs can’t be that bad even if they were to be applied to her bare bottom.

“See these, nice and whippy, that’s what I want when I ask you to cut me a switch,” Anna Mae said, swishing the stick through the air making an ominous whooshing sound. “Now you and I are going back upstairs and after I’ve dealt with your lying and the alcohol you and I are going to have a long talk. I hope you’ve given your heart to Jesus child because your butt belongs to me, now get on up those stairs and get them britches off.”

Rae slumped slowly back into the house, her bottom was already burning from Anna’s Mae’s previous chastisement and she wasn’t in any hurry to receive the next one.

“You best be quick about it, Lorraine, or I’ll deal with you right here on the porch,” Anna Mae warned, with a flick of her wrist that delivered a searing stripe across Rae’s bottom with one of the switches. He thin underwear offered little protection against the whippy sapling. The pain intensified as it sunk in, making Rae run up the stairs ahead of Anna Mae rubbing her bottom in an attempt to quell the biting sting.

“Now then child, you’ll get that underwear off and bend over the arm of the couch, a good spanking’s always done on a bare bottom in this house.”

Rae blushed and considered protesting but the sting she felt her bottom told her otherwise. She reluctantly pulled her underwear down quickly bending over the arm of the overstuffed couch at the same time.
“Now stand up, and take your underwear off, like I asked. Then you can fold them up and put them on the table,” Anna Mae replied, as she stood back, folding her arms, looking unimpressed.
Rae looked up at Anna Mae and glared indignantly. She pushed herself up off the couch and grabbed at her underwear, lifting one leg then the other to remove them completely before clumsily folding them and tossing them on the table. She wanted to get this over with and she quickly bent back over the cool leather arm.
“You happy now?” she asked.

“Do you think I’m happy Lorraine? Do you think I like seeing the smart young girl I’ve known since she was born turn into this angry woman going down this path of drinking and lying and flunking out of school?”

“I’m not flunking out, I just had some trouble with finals. I’m taking some online stuff to make up for it this summer.” Rae replied sadly, knowing full well she failed two of her classes and barely scraped through the others.

“I’ve done some checking myself, I know your failing more classes than you’ve told your mother!”

“Just how in hell do you know that?” Rae demanded angrily, standing up and facing Anna Mae, tears threatening in her angry eyes.

“Lorraine, I want to help you but the first thing you need to know is your actions have consequences. I’ll get you through calculus and biology if you want me to, but before we talk about any of that you’ll bend back over and take what you’ve got coming young lady.”

Rae could see the determined solemnness in the older woman’s eyes. Did she really want to help her? Her trembling lip started to betray her so she turned back around and draped herself back over the arm of the couch.

“That’s it, Honey,” Anna Mae praised, putting a hand on Rae’s shoulder and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

Why was Anna Mae being so nice? She felt wretched about the lies she had been telling her mother about school and the guilt and anxiety started to take over. Rae’s emotions were at the breaking point and tears started to spill onto the leather seat below her.

“Now then, I want you to think about why you’re in this predicament Lorraine and we’ll talk afterwards.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Lorraine replied compliantly.

“It’s gonna sting like your sat on a hornet’s nest child, but you hang in a take it, and if it gets too much you say the word red. A good switching is supposed to cleanse the soul and we’ll start fresh tomorrow, yunderstand me?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I understand.”

Rae heard the first swish through the air and a small cracking sound before the first thin line of pain registered. It was an intense sting and before it sank in all the way Rae felt the next one connect with her bare bottom. She couldn’t understand how a thin little twig could inflict so much sting. When Anna Mae had connected with a half dozen or so Rae began to squirm on the couch, tensing her bottom cheeks in anticipation of the next line of white heat that would assault her rear end. Anna Mae covered every inch of Rae’s bottom and the tops of her thighs with fiery swats until Rae cried out in desperation.

“Please Ma’am, it hurt so much!”

Rae felt Anna Mae’s hand on her shoulder again. “You know what I think Lorraine? I think you miss your Daddy. I know it was a long time ago but ever since he died you’ve tried to be strong for your Momma haven’t you? Let it go child, you’re doing fine, let it go.”

Rae did let go and the tears started to flow freely with Anna Mae’s words as the switch that was wielded expertly by her began to make the sting in her bottom blur into white heat as the switch landed over and over.

Rae’s gut was wrenching. She did miss her father. When he died her world turned upside down. She didn’t believe her mother when she told her he was dead and for weeks, she expected him to walk back through the front door so she could show him how much better she was at tying her shoes and how she could ride her bike without her training wheels. He would beam with approval every time she showed him something new and she couldn’t accept the fact that he was gone.
“Of course, I miss him!” Rae yelled, breaking down into frantic sobs.

“That’s it, child, let it go.” Anna Mae said, rubbing Rae back.

It took a moment or so, before Rae realized the spanking had stopped and Anna Mae had guided her up off the arm of the couch. She sat on the couch and pulled Rae with her into her lap.

Realization hit Rae and she had a flash back to her father’s funeral when Anna Mae had held her until she cried herself to sleep. She instinctively put her arms around Anna Mae’s neck and sobbed into her chest.

“There child, it’s alright, you’re going to be just fine.” Anna Mae comforted, as she held Rae in her lap. “I know how close the two of you were, and from what your Momma tells me, you never really dealt with his death. Now he’s gone, I think you’ve been a little lost. He left a void in your life that just keeps getting bigger and now you don’t answer to anyone it’s festering to the point that you’re reckless and uncaring.”

Everything Anna Mae was saying struck an emotional chord with Rae. How did Anna Mae know so much? In an odd way, despite her stinging backside, Rae began to feel better.

“Your Daddy was a good man, you and your Momma loved him so much you both were afraid to talk about him for fear of upsetting each other, that about right?” Anna Mae asked, rubbing Rae’s back.

“Yeah, I suppose it is, I never really thought about it like that and Momma never really shared many of the details from the accident. I never asked, because I thought it was too painful for her to talk about.” Rae replied, wiping the remaining tears from her face.

“Well it’s been quite a day, how about we get some supper? I made my prize winning peach cobbler for desert then we can talk about how the summers going to go now you have a clean slate.”

Rae looked at her mother’s friend sincerely. “I’m sorry, Anna Mae.”

“I know you are Child, I know you are.”


“Holy shit, she sounds pretty scary!” Tracy said sitting up with wide eyes.

“She’s a formidable woman alright, but you know what, I wouldn’t have traded the time I spent with Miss Anna for anything. I grew up that summer, thanks to her. She got me through biology and calculous. It was a struggle at times. I remember sitting at the desk in the rec room nearly in tears because I couldn’t understand that damn calculus. She was so patient with me, even when I threw my hands in the air and said I can’t do it. I remember she’d always tell me, can’t never could, child, and walk me through the problems until I grasped it.”

“Was she a teacher, and what’s the deal with Mary Beth?”

“She’s an adjunct professor at the university, among other things, still is, and I guess a mentor of sorts. She helped me through college, that’s for sure. Let just say it wasn’t uncommon for the errant young ladies of the town to find themselves sent to Miss Anna for some guidance. Quite a few of the girls came to see her that summer. I kissed my first girl that summer too. It was Mary Beth. She was a frequent visitor to Anna Mae’s house.”

“Wait, back up, you kissed Mary Beth?” Tracy asked in surprise.

Rae looked at Tracy and smiled. “Yep, we were quite a pair once we got to know each other. I don’t know which of us cut more switches that summer!”

“Really, and just what else did you and Mary Beth get up to?” Tracy asked with a pout.

Rae grinned at Tracy, before leaning in and taking her mouth in a long kiss. “Maybe some of this,” Rae replied, taking a breath before leaning in towards Tracy’s ear.
“And maybe a little of this,” she replied nibbling on Tracy’s ear and tracing a string of small bites and kisses down Tracy’s neck.

“Well…I hope you didn’t do any of this,” Tracy replied, putting her hand under Rae’s night shirt and fondling and squeezing her nipple.

“How about we go to bed and I’ll show you everything I didn’t do?” Rae said, smiling seductively at Tracy before she got up from the couch and held her hand out for Tracy.


The next morning Tracy lay sated in Rae’s bed with her head propped up on her hand. “Tell me more about Anna Mae, and what you got up to that Summer.”

Rae smiled and leaned back against the pillow. “Well, we did our share of sassing Anna Mae too, at risk to our backsides of course and I learned she wasn’t necessarily the saint I thought she was at first. I remember one Sunday Morning in town we bumped in to Mary Beth’s mother. She said I didn’t see you at worship this morning Anna Mae?
I could swear I saw a little flush on Miss Anna cheeks but she just calmly replied We worshiped on the other side of town this morning Luanne. Which of course we didn’t. So, imagine my delight when I caught Anna Mae in the cardinal rule of Lying.

Tracy giggled, “Oh what did you say?”

“Well I started to say something after Luanne left but she cut me off and said You hush your mouth child, you don’t need bricks and mortar to be close to God. I suggest you try some praying yourself because right now your backside is getting close to a tanning!

She was always threatening our behinds in some fashion but under that stern exterior she had a heart of gold.

“Oh my god you were quite the hellion weren’t you, and I thought I was bad!”

“No, not really, although Anna Mae did tell me on several occasions Lawd child, you could make a preacher cuss! That was another one of her famous sayings we used to tease her about. We did have some fun though, and even Anna Mae would let her hair down on occasion. She even let us slide a couple of times. I turned twenty-one that summer and one week before my twenty first birthday, Mary Beth and I went to a bar on the far end of town. I had a couple of beers, Mary Beth only had soda. Anna Mae was supposed to be at an afternoon social at the church so I was mortified when she walked into the bar. Apparently, she left early when one of the ladies told her she had seen what looked to be her houseguest and Mary Beth walking into Rudy’s at five o’clock.”

“Oh shit, were you busted?”

“Well I thought so, but she ordered a bourbon and water and sat down at the bar with us. All she said is You get this one!

“She sounds like quite a character.”

“Oh she is, you’ll get to meet her, she usually comes and visits in the New Year. She wasn’t exaggerating about her award-winning peach cobbler either, the best pie I ever tasted. I couldn’t get enough of it. I would have put on twenty pounds that summer with all that good southern food but the hard work burnt off the calories. Anna Mae said she’d give me the recipe if I ever open up my bar and restaurant.

“That what you want to do Rae, open a restaurant?”

“Well it was, until Momma got sick but yes, I’ve been thinking about if for a while. I know lesbian bars are a tough business but with right restaurant I know I could make a go of it. I have a business plan and I found a great place on fifth that the bank owns. It needs renovating but it has good bones and for down town it has great parking and upstairs could be a fantastic loft apartment. The only reason it hasn’t been snapped up is because the outside makes it look like a dump. All the window boarded up and it was a fire that put the previous owners out of business. A friend of mine got me inside to see and it has amazing potential.” Rae’s smile stretched across her entire face and Tracy could see the spark of excitement in Rae’s eyes as she spoke about her plans.

“It sounds like you have it all figured out. Perhaps your gonna need a head chef for your new restaurant.” Tracy said with a smile.

“Perhaps, someday, but I hardly think you’ll be wanting to give up your head chef position at Oscars by taking a chance on a little lesbian bar.”

“You forget, I like to take chances!” Tracy grinned back at her.

“Well you take chances with another storm like that, you can forget what sitting down comfortably feels like for a while, you got that?”

“Yes Ma’am duly noted. Your pretty bossy, you know that?” Tracy said seeing Rae grinning back at her. “You know at culinary school, I didn’t only learn to cook. I learned the management side of hospitality business too. You think I want to stay at Oscars for the rest of my life? I have some plans too you know. Besides with my exquisite cooking skills you wouldn’t want me as head chef at a competing restaurant now would you?”

“And oh so modest?” Rae smirked

“Hey, I’m just good at what I do, you should know that!”

Tracy flopped back on her pillow deep in thought. She had the trust money from her parent’s life insurance that had been stashed away for years. She had planned to use it one day. Maybe this was fate.

“Rae, where exactly is this building on fifth, I know the area pretty well but I can’t picture where that is?”

Rae scrunched her eyes closed as she thought while Tracy looked over at her expectantly for an answer.

“Let’s see if you going North just past Alameda there’s that gas station. And it’s a couple of blocks past that.” Rae motioned with her hands as she tried to explain where the building was.

“There isn’t anything past alameda until the little strip mall on seventh, what side is it on, right or left?”

“There is, it’s right past there, up on the left.” Rae insisted, still with her eyes closed, trying to picture the road as she pointed with her right hand.
“Is it on the right or your other left?” Tracy asked grinning as Rae pointed with the wrong hand.
Rae opened her eyes seeing her right hand gesturing and pointed with her other hand.
“The other left, smart ass!” Ray said switching hands.

Tracy paused for a moment. “Hey, you know what, that’s a good name. The Other Left…. Huh.”

Rae just nodded her head and smiled, “It is, isn’t it!”

Hope you enjoyed this snippet!


Remembering 9/11

So I know this isn’t the norm for me to post something like this here but on the 18th anniversary of 9/11 I wanted to share this compelling video my agency put together.

9/11 is probably the main reason I chose the career I’m in. I know many of you were very young when those planes struck the Towers, The Pentagon and The field in Pennsylvania but I will NEVER FORGET and I wanted to share this video with you.


Riley’s Revenge?

In the last post Anna talked a little about me and my not so angelic self, so I thought perhaps I should post something about her, or maybe something inspired by her?

Some of you know I’ve been sporadically working on a prequel to the Riley series entitled Learning Curves. It basically is a collaboration of the back stories of some of the primary characters in the series.

Hopefully you know about Riley’s two best friends, Rae and Tracy. They own a bar called The Other Left and Riley used to work for them when she was in Grad school.

During the time When I was writing the story about how Rae and Tracy met I had a strange dream. (true story) I dreamt my own toppy girlfriend was unhappy with me and sent me to see a very stern lady who lives in the South. In my dream I never got to know her name or see her face clearly but it inspired a character for my story, hence the birth of Anna Mae Donaldson.

In this snippet we pick up right after Rae spanks Tracy for the first time after a reckless surfing escapade and Tracy is basically asking Rae how TTWD came about.

“Rae, how did you…I mean, Well, why do you, how did you…” Tracy stammered, not making eye contact with Rae as she lay on Rae’s couch with her head on her lap.

“How did I end up spanking the bottoms of naughty girls when they need it?” Rae said, rescuing Tracy from the awkward question.

“Well yes, I mean it’s a little odd, but strangely enough it’s always something I had thought about. I really feel like you care and that why you did it but I’m twenty-six?”

“I guess I need to tell you about Anna Mae Mcbee Donaldson.” Rae replied, smiling.

“Who is that?”

“A longtime friend of my mothers. Some of my earliest memories of her was when I was a young child. She used to come and stay with us after my father died. She lives in Georgia, a very proper southern lady, accent and all.

I was too young to understand the deep depression my mother was going into after my father’s death. I didn’t understand at the time why Miss Anna would come stay with us for weeks at a time. I didn’t much like her at first either. I guess I tried to push her buttons but she wouldn’t react. She would just tell me in that slow southern drawl Child, go make yourself busy and clean your room. Or some other menial task that I hated to do.”

“Yeah, you and me both, I hate cleaning!”

“Yes, and I can see from your apartment it’s something you haven’t grown out of.”

Rae thought back to that summer, as she began to tell her story. It was some of the best and some of the worst times of her life. She remembered getting off the small plane in Savannah, the thick humid air smacking her in the face when she exited the plane down the aircraft stairs to the tarmac. It had been a couple of years since she’d seen Anna Mae and Rae didn’t know what to expect. She was more than a little nervous when she entered the small terminal building and made eye contact with the lady she would be staying with for the summer.

Anna Mae was a tall stout woman in her mid to late forties. She was even taller that Rae’s five-foot nine frame and she had mid length curly Auburn hair and piercing Hazel eyes. She was smartly dressed in a pair of khaki slacks and a button-down shirt with sleeves that were rolled up to her elbows.

“Hi Lorraine, welcome to Georgia. It’s good to see you, even under these circumstances.” Anna Mae said, greeting her with a warm hug and a small smile. “Let me get your bag for you and we’ll go and get your cases in the claim area.”

“Uh, um…hi Mrs. McBee Donaldson, no it’s okay, I got it.” Rae replied, slinging her duffle bag over her shoulder protectively.

“Rule number one. while you’re here child, you call me Miss Anna or Ma’am and you’ll only call me Ma’am during discipline, yunderstand me?”

“Um, yes, Ma’am,” Rae replied, not missing the remark about discipline. “And maybe you could call me Rae?”

“Child, you don’t get to make rules, you’re in enough trouble as is. And just what’s wrong with Lorraine? The name your momma and daddy gave you, not good enough for you?”

Rae rolled her eyes as she followed Ana Mae toward the baggage carousel that already had her large suitcase going around on it. What the hell was she going to do stuck in Savannah for the summer? At least there was the beach she thought to herself.

“That’s me,” Rae said, pulling the heavy bag from the moving platform.

“Let me get one of those.” Anna Mae said, gesturing to the bags.

“It’s okay, I got it,” Rae said frowning.

“Your decision child, now keep up, the cars this way,” Anna Mae replied, heading out of the terminal building at a brisk pace.

“Shit, can it be any more frigging humid?” Rae asked, wiping the sweat from her forehead as she struggled with her bags.

“Over here,” Anna Mae said, going to the trunk of a burgundy SUV.
Rae heaved the heavy case to the back of the car and set it down on the asphalt, catching her breath.

“Rule number two,” Rae heard, before Anna Mae’s palm connected in a hard smack to her backside. “There will be no swearing!”

Rae’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she looked around to see if anyone had seen the assault. “Ow, you can’t do that, we’re in public and I’m not a child anymore!” Rae declared indignantly.

“That’s mildly interesting, now put your duffle the car, we have a good hour drive,” Miss Anna replied, as she effortlessly swung Rae’s heavy case into the trunk.
“Well go on, put it in the trunk, what are your waiting for?”

Rae scowled, and threw her duffle into the trunk, slamming the hatch, before she settled into the passenger seat and buckled her seatbelt.

The silence was deafening as Miss Anna pulled out of the airport. Rae was still trying to process the degrading slap she had given her in the parking lot. She gave her driver a sideways glance and furrowed her brow that was starting to glisten with moisture from the Southern weather.

“Look Miss Anna, I didn’t ask to come here and I’m sure you’re not happy about this either. I know you’re trying to help momma out but I think it would be best if we just stayed out of each other way.”

“Oh, is that what you think? Bless your heart. So, maybe I can make your breakfast, pack you a nice lunch and take you down and drop you off at the beach and pick you up in the evenings and we can go about each other business until end of summer, is that it?”

“Well yeah,” Rae nodded, “If I have to be here, then I may as well make the most of it.”

Anna Mae swerved and screeched the car to an abrupt halt on the shoulder and regarded Rae. “Your poor momma’s fit to be tied, do ya know that? Ever since your daddy died, she’s tried to give you everything and this is how you repay her? At this point she’s just plumb scared of what you’re gonna do next.”

Rae was getting angry now, she tried to be cordial to this woman because she was her mother’s friend but she had had enough. “You don’t know anything, and you certainly don’t know me. Mom is fine, I’m not doing anything any normal college kid wouldn’t do. Why shouldn’t I have a little fun?”

“You best hush your mouth child. I know you a lot better than you think. I know you got your fancy school and your highfaluting friends. Just who do you think did all that for you? Your momma, that’s who.”

“Oh, you think I don’t know that? What I don’t know is why she sent me to this this damn forsaken place with you.”

“You think the sun comes up just to hear you crow, don’t you? Well, you can go ahead and spit nails all you want young lady, but by the end of this summer, you’re gonna learn some hard work, respect and discipline. That’s why you’re here girl, I suggested it to your momma, so you better lose the attitude because you may get a pass on that today, but tomorrow’s gonna be anuthuh story. You’re gonna straighten up and fly right, by the time you leave here, child. You understand me?”

Rae was seething now and Anna Mae’s slow, deliberate tone and calm demeanor didn’t help when all she wanted to do was explode.

“When I ask you a question child, I expect an answer.” She continued, as she pulled back out on the highway.

Rae had forgotten what the question even was. She was dwelling on her mother. She knew in retrospect she had let her down. She went from angry, to plain sad in a second, thinking of her mother. “Yes Ma’am,” She replied placidly.

The silence continued for another five or so miles, until Anna Mae spoke.
“You wreck your momma’s car child?”

“Yeah… I guess I did, but it was an accident.”

“And were you supposed, to be out in her car?”

Rae looked at the older woman who was given her quick judgmental glances as she drove.

“No, momma grounded me, but my friend was having a party. I took her car and when I drove home afterwards a dog jumped out in front of me, I had to swerve so I didn’t hit it.”

“Had you been drinking? Your momma told me that’s why she grounded you in the first place because you came home drunk the night before?”

Rae was getting tired of the inquisition, “Look, you already seem to have all the answers so why do you keep asking me questions?”

“Young lady, I wasn’t fixin to deal with any of this till tomorrow after you had a good rest but you keep sassing me and I’ll tan your hide before supper! Now, were you drinking before you got in your momma car?”

Rae paused, she had half an inkling that Anna Mae wasn’t kidding about her threats. “Yes, I had a couple of drinks but I was fine when I drove home.”

“You were illegal to be drinking in the first place. So, don’t you give me fine. Third rule here, no alcohol. You have any alcohol in those bags of yours?” Anna Mae asked, motioning to the back of the car with her head.

“No”, Rae said quickly, before looking out the passenger window, knowing full well she had stashed a dozen or so miniature bottle of booze in her two bags.

“You sure child?” Anna Mae asked, giving her a questioning look.

Rae fidgeted uncomfortably, “Look, I told you no, okay! Maybe you could get off by back for two minutes.”

“Oh, it’s not you back you should be worried about Lorraine,” Anna Mae replied dryly.

After another fifty miles or so they hit a small town.
“This is Darien, don’t blink or you’ll miss it, but it has the basics even a good Mexican restaurant. Your momma said you like Mexican food, and you can see we’re pretty close to the city,” Anna Mae said, driving down the high street of the small town.

“This is where you live?” Rae asked

“No, I live on the other side of town, about three miles.”

“Okay I’ve seen about five churches so far but not much else.” Rae said frowning.

“Welcome to the South, we’ve probably got more churches than anything else, a dozen or so, I’d say. Here we are,” Anna May stated, turning into a long driveway that meandered through a large open grass field that looked more like a well-manicured lawn.

On either side of the drive way, two large, Southern Live Oaks stood sentry, their long limbs draped with years of Spanish Moss and the boundaries of the field were lined with red cedar and peach trees.
The driveway split off at the end, one side leading to the steps up to the long, four column covered porch, complete with four rocking chairs. The other side led around to the back of the house.

“It’s very pretty,” Rae said observing the large two story, plantation style house that had white siding, dark green shutters and a brick red front door.
Various shrubs grew out of the mulch garden at the front of the house, where yellow jasmine wound through the trellis at the base of the porch deck. Pink and purple blooms covered the Crepe Myrtle trees at the sides of the garden and white Cherokee Roses were interspersed among the shrubs with various colored Zinnias and Geraniums that made the flower bed pop with color.

“Thank you, you might say it’s been a labor of love and a little work, but it’s rewarding for me.”

“I bet, do you have a gardener that helps you with all this?” Rae asked, as Anna Mae drove around to the back of the house.

“No Child,” Anna Mae replied with a chuckle. “But I’ve got me a drive on tractor that you’re gonna use to cut the grass.”

“Really? Cool!” Rae replied with a smile.

“Well, the novelty will wear off after a couple of times.”

The back of the house was equally impressive. There was a white fenced pasture with a handful of young sheep grazing in it with a small creek behind it that fed into a large pond. Chickens scratched and foraged for scraps in a good size coup and more Crepe Myrtles bloomed in various hues of pinks and purples around the property.

“I thought you said you didn’t have a gardener?” Rae said, getting out of the car and eyeing a young woman, a little younger than herself busy tending to another flower bed.

“Mary Beth, come on over here, Anna Mae yelled out, as she unloaded Rae’s bags from the trunk.”

The young woman dressed in denim overall shorts came over as stood before Anna Mae like she was reporting for duty. “Miss Anna, the beds are weeded, eggs are on the back porch and the sheeps been fed like you asked.

“Thank you, Mary Beth, this is my good friends’ daughter, Lorraine Chandler form California, she’s going to be staying with me for a spell.”

“Nice to meet you Lorraine, I won’t shake your hand, I’m a little dirty,” The young woman replied. “Anything else you want me to do for you Miss Anna?”

“No child, you go on home, you got those eggs for your momma?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good, well git on home, tell your momma you’re all paid up and I better not see you back here because of that nonsense, you hear.” Anna Mae said turning towards the house.

“Yes Ma’am.” Mary Beth smiled sweetly at Rae before Anna Mae turned towards the house. Then with a big smile, she ceremoniously flipped Rae the bird and poked out her tongue.

Rae just raised her eyebrows in surprise, until the girl’s mouth dropped open and a horrified look appeared on her face. “Miss Anna, I meant nuthin, I was just…” Mary Beth stammered apologetically.

“You wanna to show off child, that’s fine by me!” Anna Mae said, storming towards the girl.

Rae was rooted at the spot watching the scene unfolding before her. Anna Mae took the eggs from the Mary Beth and handed them to Rae then grasped Mary Beth by her ear and led her to the steps of the back porch.

“You’re lucky I don’t give you another switching, now get them overalls down child!” Anna Mae ordered as she took a seat on the top step.

“Yes Ma’am,” Mary Beth replied, as she unfastened the straps on her overalls and pulled them down along with her panties and compliantly placed herself over Anna Mae’s lap.

Rae’s heart was beating fast in her chest as she looked upon the penitent girl. It was clear by Mary Beth’s red cheeks and thighs this wasn’t the first time she had been in this position recently. Rae winced as Anna Mae’s strong arm and hand descended upon the upturned bottom with a loud crack. She felt like an intruder, witnessing the poor girls anguish, as Anna Mae’s palm continued to smack down in rapid fire, turning Mary Beth’s bottom a deeper shade of red with every blow.

“Ow, please Ma’am! I didn’t mean nuthing, it still smarts from this morning.” Mary Beth pleaded as she began to wriggle on the strict, older woman’s lap.

“Well you apparently didn’t learn much this morning. You’ll keep still, if you know what’s good for you,” Anna Mae admonished as beads of sweat started to glisten from her forehead.

The younger girl started to emit little cries every time Anna Mae’s large hand descended on her bottom. Rae felt the flush return to her cheeks, she couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. Surely Mary Beth was too old for a spanking, but then she remembered the hard swat Anna Mae had given her in the airport parking lot and an uneasiness hit her as Mary Beth let out a loud cry.

After ten or so more, glancing upward swats to Mary Beth’s backside Anna Mae stopped the chastisement and helped her charge to her feet. A red –faced Mary Beth gingerly righted her underwear and with a soft sob she re-fastened her overalls.
“Sorry Miss Anna, it won’t happen again Ma’am.” She said with a little sniff through tear stained eyes.

Anna Mae pulled the younger girl on to her lap and gave her hug. “Good girl, now get your eggs and go on home.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Mary Beth replied getting to her feet.

“Sorry Miss Lorraine, I forgot my manners, I hope you accept my apology,” She said timidly, as she retrieved her eggs from Rae.

Rae just opened her mouth but nothing came out as she watched Mary Beth disappear down the driveway.

“Don’t just stand there gawking Lorraine, get your bag.”

Rae picked up her duffle and followed Anna Mae into the house.

“Call your momma and let her know you got here safe.” Anna Mae said, pointing to a telephone. “I’ll take your bags up but dont hang up, I want to talk to your Momma.”

Rae looked around the large house. It was just as neat and tidy as the outside and had all the Southern charm with a modern flare. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all, she thought trying to shake the image of Mary Beth’s flaming behind from her head.

When Anna Mae came back down stairs, Rae handed her the phone. “Go on up, your room is on the right, I’ve put your bags in there. I’ll be up after I’ve spoken to your Momma.”

Rae’s conversation with her mother was brief. She knew she would still be upset with her but she tried to smooth things over as best she could by telling her she would behave for Anna Mae. She climbed up the long staircase that led into a large recreation type room. On one side it had an overstuffed couch and love seat, several bean bag chairs dotted around the room and a large big screen TV with a VCR and gaming console. The other side housed a couple of built in desks and cabinets and a computer. This is more like it, Rae thought, as she headed to the bedroom on the right side. It was a good size room with a full-size bed and the attached bathroom led through to another bedroom on the other side.
Rae heaved her big case up on to the bed readying to unpack when she heard Anna Mae come up the stairs.

“Good, you found it okay, now open up you bags. You were squirming like a worm on a hot brick when I asked you if you had any alcohol. Let’s hope you don’t have to learn about the cardinal rule of lying on your first day.”

Rae went beet red, she didn’t know what to do, but she wasn’t about to hand over her booze stash to Anna Mae.

“Young Lady, so help me, I’ll give you a little motivation if you don’t get busy. You got three seconds or your backside gonna pay, yunderstand me?” Anna Mae stated, narrowing her eyes.

Rae just stared at Anna Mae blankly, she knew she was busted. “Always was the hard way with you. Now, I won’t tell you again,” Ann Mae directed, punctuating her direction with a sharp smack to Rae’s bottom.”

Rae looked at Anna Mae with wide eyes and slowly started to open her big case, flipping the top open with trembling hands. When nothing obvious showed up on the top of the case Anna Mae spoke. “Everything out and on the bed. Let’s go, we don’t got all day child.”

Rae knew her miniature bottles of booze were just under the first pile of clothes, at this point she had nothing to lose. “You have no right to go through my things, what’s in here is my business. I’m nearly twenty-one, I’m not a child.”

“Oh, young lady, you’ve had your last chance and then some!” Anna Mae exclaimed, as she shoved the suitcase to the end of the bed and sat down next to it.

“Just what the hell are you doing?” Rae asked indignantly, as Anna Mae pulled her towards her by the waistband of her jeans and started to undo them.

“Lorraine you hush, you’ve been asking for this since the minute you stepped of that plane!” Anna Mae replied, as she pulled Rae’s jeans down to her knees.
Rae was mortified, did Anna Mae intend to do to her what she had just witnessed happen to Mary Beth? Her silent question was answered and she felt her panties being whisked down from the back as Anna Mae propelled her over her lap, her torso and arms resting on the bed and her feet on the floor making her behind a prominent target.

“But you cant…” Rae’s disbelief was remedied as Anna Mae’s large palm cracked down on her bare bottom. “Ow shit, that hurt!” Rae yelled as the sharp sting registered.

“Young lady what have I told you about that? I won’t tolerate foul language in my house. Do yunderstand me?” Anna Mae lectured, as her palm landed hard crisp spanks to Rae’s behind making her writhe over the older woman’s lap.

The sting Rae felt was intensifying with every hard blow and she started to wriggle with a mission to avoid Anna Mae’s heavy palm. “Yes Ma’am, I understand, I’m sorry!” Rae pleaded.

“Oh, you’re gonna be child, now keep still or I’ll fetch my hairbrush!”

Rae gritted her teeth and tried to stop moving, hoping the stinging blows may stop but Anna Mae continued covering every inch of her bottom and tops of her thighs. Rae felt the sweat forming on her head as she tried to contend with the pain, until at last, she felt Anna Mae’s hand rest on her blazing backside.

“Are you ready to start minding me Miss?” Anna Mae asked, in an uncompromising tone.

“Yes Ma’am, I am,” Rae replied quickly, her throbbing bottom, compelling her to conform.

“Then you best start emptying that case because I’m not going to stop spanking you until everything is out on the bed. Would have been a lot easier if you had done that the first time I asked, don’t you agree?”

Rae’s eyes went wide and she let out a little cry as another smack landed on her sore behind.

“Ow, yes Ma’am,” Rae conceded, expecting to be released from her compromising position.

“Well what are you waiting for, get it unpacked!” Anna exclaimed, landing another stinging blow to Rae’s behind.

Realization dawned and from her prone position over Anna Mae’s lap, Rae awkwardly grabbed the first layer of clothing and flung it on the bed, exposing some of her mini bottle stash below it. Rae didn’t dare look back at Anna Mae but she could feel her eyes boing into the back of her head. Anna Mae just answered with a flurry of harder swats that sent Rae reeling all over her lap.

“Get up Lorraine, I want all the bottles on the dresser.”
Rae didn’t hesitate and she scrambled as fast as she could off of the stern woman’s lap. Her bottom was throbbing as she reached to pull her jeans up.

“You leave those jeans where they are Miss.” Anna Mae said, as she got up from the bed and landed another sharp swat to her bottom. “You’re a smart young lady Lorraine, I thought by now you would have figured out, it’s much better to do as I ask right away.

Rae instinctively covered her backside with her hands from her standing position as Anna Mae readied for another swat. “If I were you, I’d make busy with those hands getting those bottles on the dresser!”

Rae looked at Anna Mae then back down on the bed as she started to pick up the bottles and place them on the dresser.”

“How many is that?” Anna Mae asked.

“Umm, six Ma’am,” Rae replied, knowing that was all the bottles she packed in her case.

“Six too many,” Anna Mae replied, landing six hard swats to Rae’s bottom. “That all of them?”

Rae hesitated, for a moment. There were no more bottles in the big case but she had at least another six or so stashed in her duffle. “Yes Ma’am.”

Anna Mae raised her eyebrows and took a small step back, folding her arms. Rae took a fleeting glance at the stern hazel eyes. “Umm, but Ma’am there’s more in my duffle bag, right here,” Rae said, emptying the contents on the bed. She found the illicit bottles and placed them carefully on the dresser.

Anna Mae gave Rae another seven hard spanks to correspond to the number of additional bottles Rae had retrieved from her luggage.

“Now you got two choices child, you can go down stairs and call your momma and tell her you’re coming home or, you and I can put your things away and then you can go cut me a switch!”

I hope you liked that little snippet. Do you think Anna Mae Donaldson could be inspired from a certain Top Boss? I’ll let you decide. If you liked it, I’ll post the following scene next week.

Meeting Ms. Britain

It was March 2017 and I had started a brand spanking new blog where there was a total of one visitor so far  (my girlfriend).  I had no idea how to gain traffic and then it hit me…interview  spanky authors!  But who?  Who would want to give a fledgling blogger an interview?  For that matter, what would I even ask?

I thought long and hard about it, and decided to ask my three favorite authors in the lesbian spanking genre.  At worst, they could only say ‘No’ and think I was an idiot.  At best, I could possibly learn more about them.  One of those authors was Claire Britain.

My hand literally shook as I typed my email to Claire Britain.  She was an established author with “Reining in Riley”.  Would she even bother to answer me?  Would I be insulting her?  To my surprise I got a quick response  of  “Yes”.

I told my spanky friends about it and they cheered for my good fortune.  Then immediately began impatiently asking me to hurry up on posting the interview.  ( I hadn’t even come up with the questions yet and they were already harassing me.)

Thank goodness for email as I could calm myself while writing the questions and go back to proofread….and proofread…. my grammar, spelling, etc.  I wanted everything to be perfect for her.

She answered me quickly with a note oozing charm and a hint of impishness that turned me from a scared blogger to a drooling fan (short for fanatic).  I could imagine the clipped British accent as she answered each question;  her toppy tone as she explained the characters in her book.  Imagine my surprise when I found out she identified with wild reckless Riley rather than toppy Joanne.  Ms. Claire Britain was a brat???

Suddenly, my palm was itching as I remembered the antics of the character Ms. Britain had based upon her own life.  Wow!  This was big news!

Spring forward to 2019. I have now known Claire for a couple of years and  I can assure you that Claire is indeed a BRAT!!!  Here are a few instances to prove it to you:

  1.  Driving through a flooded area because ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’
  2.  Continuing to speed in the same area after having been pulled over and warned more than once.
  3. Forgetting her driver’s license, office keys, money, and cell phone when she notices her gas tank is empty.  Hmmm…..is there a way to fix this so her Top doesn’t have to know?

So you see ladies?  Ms. Claire Britain may be a wonderful writer and accomplished author, but she is still a lovable, mischievous brat.  Warmhearted and kind, she worms her way into your heart while managing to make your palm itch on a constant basis.   Thankfully, she has a partner that is up to the task of applying the palm of her hand where it does the most good while also giving her the love Claire deserves.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into the person of Claire Britain.  Perhaps reading Reining in Riley or Riley’s Reckoning with the understanding that Riley is a part of the author can help you get to know her even better.  But I recommend keeping soothing lotion on hand as your palm will itch like crazy!

Happy Spanking



Giveaway Time!

Books Medium

Hi All,

Been a little while since I’ve posted anything here, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a little giveaway and post a snippet from the book.

In this excerpt, Riley is of course being Riley, and she is brought home by Detective Alex Denton:

Joanna, Kate, and Helen waited anxiously in Joanna’s penthouse for word from Riley after they had cancelled Kate’s dinner party.

“I’m going to call downstairs and tell them to let us know as soon as she gets home. I’m going to kill her. I can’t believe she pulled this today,” Joanna ranted angrily, as she paced the kitchen.

“Well, after you’re done with her, she and I are going to have a conversation too. She’s going to learn she doesn’t text me to mind my own business!” Helen replied with a scowl on her face.

“Well, much as I would like to stay up and see Riley get the tar beat out of her, I’m going to bed; it’s after midnight,” Kate said with a yawn as she hugged Joanna and kissed Helen.

“Goodnight, Kate, sorry plans got fouled up tonight. We’ll do it another day, okay?” Joanna replied.

“No worries; night, Jo,” Kate replied with a smile.

A little after one, Joanna’s phone rang. “Thank you, Jose,” Joanna said, hanging up the phone. “Shit, a police officer just brought her home, apparently she’s drunk!” Joanna announced in a worried tone, heading out the door with Helen.

Helen and Joanna reached Riley’s apartment in time to see a tall slender woman helping Riley down the hallway. “See, I told you she’s cute!” Riley slurred to Alex as Helen and Joanna took Riley’s arms and led her, staggering, to the bedroom.

Alex smiled and shook her head when Joanna emerged from the bedroom. “You must be Joanna, Alex Denton,” the tall woman said, handing Joanna her business card. “I thought I better help her home, she’s pretty ripped. Her bike is in the garage. I had a friend follow us on it,” Alex said, handing Joanna Riley’s motorcycle keys.

“Thank you, Detective,” Joanna replied, looking at the card in her hand. “I’m sorry you had to do this. She’s not usually this irresponsible.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be having that conversation tomorrow. Goodnight!” Alex smiled.

“Goodnight, and thank you again for seeing her home safe,” Joanna replied.

Joanna returned to the bedroom where Helen was helping Riley off with her jacket. “Don’t be mad, Jo, please!” Riley slurred, as Joanna went to work helping Riley out of her clothes.

“Riley, we’ll talk tomorrow, you need to sleep,” Joanna said, trying to stay calm as she pulled the covers off the bed and helped Riley in.

Helen brought in a glass of water and put it next to Riley’s bed. “She’s out, she’s going to be feeling this tomorrow. This fell out of her jacket pocket,” Helen said, handing Joanna the speeding ticket.

“Shit!” Joanna exclaimed as tears started to well in her eyes. “Maybe I should stay with her?”

“No, let’s go back upstairs. We’ll deal with this tomorrow, okay, Jo? There’s nothing you can do tonight; she just needs to sleep it off.” Joanna locked the apartment door behind her as the two women headed back upstairs.

“Helen, was she afraid to come home? Did I do this? I mean…” Joanna started.

“No, Jo, you didn’t. Stop it now. Riley knows exactly where she stands. She just likes to push the envelope,” Helen replied, wrapping an arm around her friend.

“So, what’s it going to be, death by hanging?” Helen hugged Joanna with a smile.

“She’s not getting off that easily!” Joanna smiled back.

So, back to business. I’ll send a signed paperback of Riley’s Reckoning to the first three people that can give me an answer to one of the following questions. Each person has to have a different, correct answer, than one that has already been posted.

Question 1. In a dream Riley saw an image of her own ghost. What was she holding in her hand?

Question 2. Where did Joanna say she got her spanking bench?😏

Question 3. What is the name of the bar Miguel takes the girls to?

As a bonus question, I’d like to challenge you to come up with your own question, or questions, about Riley’s Reckoning. Something that’s not easy to answer, could be like a riddle, but the answer must be contained somewhere in the book.

Anything is on the table here. I will have my lovely partner select the best/most creative question. (which must be answered by someone BTW)  I will send the person who submits the most creative question both paperbacks in the Riley series, and the person who answers it, Riley’s Reckoning and a copy of the first anthology, Fourteen Firsts.

I’ll announce the winners one week from today!😊

Books on Sale!


Hi All,

If you’ve just done your taxes like I have, you may be pleased to learn that these books are now on sale, or now available on Kindle Unlimited.

Stardawn Cabot and Logan Tyler’s book, Confessions of Gemini is on sale for a limited time. If you havent checked it out, now’s your chance for the bargain price of $1.99.

The Debut Anthology, Fourteen Firsts, by some of your favorite and new authors is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

You can now find the Riley series on Kindle Unlimited. If you havent checked out these books and fallen in love with the characters as much as I had creating them, now’s your chance to get it on KU!


Little Help From My Friends!



I’m happy to report that I’m working on the prequel to ‘Reining in Riley‘ and although I have a start with the Holiday Intervention story which I’ve expanded on, I was wondering what other characters I might explore a little more in this book. Riley and Joanna may not be together yet but the sequel book certainly insinuated some history. Just how did Helen meet Kate, or how did Helen break up with Karen for that matter?

Maybe it would fun to explore some of the trouble Kate gets herself into, or delve into a little more of the story of the Rae and Tracy at the ‘Other Left’? Riley knew them for six years so there must be some fun there? And don’t forget Doctor Ellen Morgan and her surfer girlfriend, Meagan. I was thinking about that big California storm where Meagan absolutely has to ignore the red flag warning in order to catch that perfect wave?

So many possibilities and characters to work with I was interested to see what or who you wanted to know more about? I also need title for this new story, I was tentatively thinking ‘Higher Learning’?

Would love to know your thoughts!

Two new Books!

I’m very excited to announce that there are two new books out, by two of my favorite authors, Alyx Rancher and Stardawn Cabot.

First of all the amazing Alyx Rancher just published her new Anthology entitled Seasons Heating’s. She kept it under wraps, so it was a nice surprise!


Here’s a little snippet from one of the stories.

The Birth of Baby Cheeses

“I’ve thought of the best prank ever,” Noelle said to Paige. “It’s guaranteed to get Sara good!”

Paige lowered her newspaper and frowned at her partner. “It’s five days before Christmas,” she said in a long-suffering tone. “Can’t you be good for at least another five days?”

Noelle looked indignant. “Was Sara being ‘good’ when she replaced the filling in my Oreos with toothpaste?!” she protested. “Was she being good when she booby-trapped my office chair to play an air horn when I sat down?!”

Paige had to bite her lip before replying, remembering Noelle’s face as she bit into the cookie. “Honey, that was terrible. But so was the trick you pulled on her before that, when you replaced her deodorant with cream cheese. Honestly, I don’t know what it is with you two!”

Noelle giggled. “That was a good one, wasn’t it? But this one is even better. I’m going to—”

“No.” Paige held up her hand. “I don’t even want to know. I don’t want to know because it’s not going to happen, do you hear me? There’s going to be a moratorium on pranking, because I don’t want to see this get out of hand! You will NOT be playing a prank on Sara, is that clear?” Paige’s tone was stern and the expression in her eyes meant business.

“Yes, ma’am,” Noelle said sulkily. But mentally she crossed her fingers. How was that fair? She couldn’t let Sara have the last prank, especially when it was such horrible one. She shuddered again, remembering the awful sensation and taste of Crest mixed with chocolate cookie. At least the prank she had in mind was harmless enough. All she had to do was find some really stinky cheese….


And the incomparable Stardawn Cabot has released her book, The General’s Guardian with a sequel story that will be coming out on January 28th called The General’s Choice


Here’s a taste of her latest book:

What’s gotten into you?” Silver asked noticing that Keridwen was sitting and staring at her. She’d been very quiet throughout the afternoon, but now that they’d camped for the night, she was expecting Keridwen to relax and settle in. “You feeling alright?”


“Keridwen, I asked if you were feeling alright. You’re too quiet, honey. Are you sleepy?”

Keridwen shrugged. “Not really. I’ve just been thinking.”

“Oh? About what?”

“You,” Keridwen admitted with a small blush. “I’m just sitting here and watching the sunlight play off your hair.”

“Keridwen, we talked about this,” Silver scolded.

“I’m not doing anything, Silver. I can’t help the way I feel. You’re beautiful; especially your hair.”

Silver rolled her eyes. “It’s just dirty blonde, flat, and usually unruly.”

“My people would never refer to it as dirty.”

“Well, that’s what my people call it.”

Keridwen shook her head. “I would never call it such. It is too beautiful to be referred to as dirty.”
“I’m curious then, what would you call it?”

“Your hair? Hmmm, I told you hair is important to us. It’s is never merely brown, or blonde,” Keridwen looked at Silver for a long moment, examining her before she replied. “Early morning sunrise, golden, but still mixed with darkness.”

“You told me your sister was the poet, but I think you’re selling yourself short,” Silver teased.

“What that a short joke?” Keridwen asked before sticking her tongue out.

“Brat. Come here.”

Keridwen smirked but wandered around to Silver’s side of the fire. Sitting down next to her, she let Silver pull her into a side hug. “I hate being short.”

“I don’t mind it,” Silver admitted, “Although you’re a lot of fun when you’re taller,” she teased with a little tickle. They grew quiet a moment as Silver looked up at the sky. “Your sky is so different here.”

“Do you miss your stars?” Keridwen asked.

“A little. I guess I never paid much attention to them, but it feels odd. This world, it’s very different, but it’s the same enough that it reminds me of Earth. The sky is the one thing that reminds me that I’m not there anymore.”

Hope you enjoy both these titles and don’t forget, to review them if you check them out!

New Story – Just in Time for Christmas


Stardawn Cabot and Logan Tyler have teamed up to bring you their (not so short) short story, Confessions Of Gemini, just in time for Christmas. It’s now live on amazon so check out the link below.

We also have a little teaser of the story for you below, so I know you’ll want to pick it up after you read it. Don’t forget to let the ladies know what you think of it and leave a review!

Beth knocked on the front door again before pressing her ear against it to listen for any noise that was coming from inside. Not hearing anything, she glanced back down at the parking spaces below her, confirming that both Melissa’s and Sarah’s car were there. Sighing she weighted the bag of bagels she had picked up on her way over. She was hoping to surprise Melissa and Sarah with breakfast, but she’d somehow missed them. Maybe they’d walked across the street to the diner or even just gone for an early morning stroll. It was a beautiful morning, and unseasonably warm as well. Still, she’d brought the bagels, and there were too many not to share. She’d leave them for them regardless. Beth pulled the keys from her bag and unlocked the door.

Swinging it open she called out again, “Melissa? Sarah? Anyone home?”

Standing still in the doorway she heard nothing. It was a bit odd, but deciding that they must have walked somewhere, she made her way inside and to the kitchen.

She deposited the bagels on the counter before muttering to herself, “I need to leave them a note.” Plucking the magnetic pad from the fridge she spun in a circle attempting to find a pen. Spotting on the far counter, she quickly crossed the room and grabbed it.

Just as she picked up the pen, however, she heard murmurs from the end of the hallway where the master bedroom was located. She knit her brow, wondering if maybe her sister and girlfriend were indeed home, and then suddenly felt as if something was off. She didn’t want to walk into some sort of embarrassing moment, but then, she didn’t want to scare anyone either.

Looking from the counter to the door to the hall, she considered what to do. Should she leave? Should she go check to see if everyone was okay? She had called into the house and gotten no answer. Maybe something was wrong. The thought of Sarah or Melissa hurt or sick decided for her.

Beth made it a whole three steps down the hall before she was startled by a loud pop. Another quickly followed, along with a yelp of pain. Her eyes grew round as her thoughts lead to her believe those sounds only meant one thing.

As she stood frozen in indecision, she clearly heard Melissa’s deep voice in some sort of lecture and then Sarah mumbled some sort of apology. Both curious and worried, Beth took several steps toward the bedroom when she suddenly jumped as several more loud pops echoed through the apartment.

Swallowing hard, Beth began to form a mental picture of what was going on, and certain things started to make sense. It sounded like a spanking… but that couldn’t be, could it? Another five or six smacks echoed through the house. Beth felt her cheeks redden and she found herself tiptoeing closer to the master bedroom door. The door was open a crack, and as she caught a glimpse of her sister and Sarah, her heart skipped a beat. It was true. Melissa had Sarah pinned over her lap and was relentlessly spanking her naked backside.

She’d heard of such relationships before. Or had she just imagined them? It didn’t look like sexual play. It looked like discipline. Melissa was lecturing and spanking, hard. Sarah was whining and squirming like a naughty school girl being taken to task. Was this really the kind of relationship they had? Was this why Sarah didn’t want her to tell Melissa she’d been out of the apartment? Was she afraid that she was going to be punished? Who even punished another adult like that? It was barbaric, yet so alluring to watch.

As Beth continued to watch, she started to feel anxious. She was suddenly ashamed and felt guilty for just starting at them like some peeping-Tom. Even as the shame grew heavier with each resounding smack, Beth’s ears tuned into Melissa’s lecture. She was fascinated, and in a strange way couldn’t get enough of what she was seeing, and hearing.

“Good,” Melissa said in a deep voice before she raised her hand high in the air. She clapped it down solidly on Sarah’s left cheek. It made Beth jump and left a visible handprint on Sarah’s bottom. Without pause, Melissa raised her palm again bringing it down four more times just as sharply as the first all in the same place.

Beth gaped as Sarah’s only reaction was miniscule jerking of her hips as each swat connected and deep puffs of breath. She felt like her feet were glued to the floor as she was practically forced to watch the scene unfold before her. She wanted to say something, to stop it, or ask why, but she was also scared. She was frozen, unable to make a decision as her mind wheeled over the whys and ifs of what she was watching.

Five swats now done Melissa held the inflamed cheek and massaged again issuing her first warning, “You will not be disrespectful to me, Sarah Annabelle.”

Without giving her chance to answer Melissa moved to her right cheek swatting five times rapidly in succession all just all hard. The swats rung loudly around them. Sarah’s reaction still was only the slight squirm of her hips. Melissa repeated the gesture again roughly caressing Sarah’s cheek which displayed several prominent handprints and lectured, “You will not be disobedient, Sarah Annabelle.”

The seconds ticked by, but it was only when Melissa changed tactics and picked up a leather paddle did Beth seem to catch some common sense. She couldn’t get caught. It was unfathomable. She had to leave, now!

Gathering her courage, she quietly backed away from the door. She needed time to process what she saw, almost as much as she needed to leave. She paused only long enough to tear the paper away from the pad she’d written on, stuffing it into her pocket and grab her bag of bagels before fleeing her sister’s home.