New Story – Just in Time for Christmas


Stardawn Cabot and Logan Tyler have teamed up to bring you their (not so short) short story, Confessions Of Gemini, just in time for Christmas. It’s now live on amazon so check out the link below.

We also have a little teaser of the story for you below, so I know you’ll want to pick it up after you read it. Don’t forget to let the ladies know what you think of it and leave a review!

Beth knocked on the front door again before pressing her ear against it to listen for any noise that was coming from inside. Not hearing anything, she glanced back down at the parking spaces below her, confirming that both Melissa’s and Sarah’s car were there. Sighing she weighted the bag of bagels she had picked up on her way over. She was hoping to surprise Melissa and Sarah with breakfast, but she’d somehow missed them. Maybe they’d walked across the street to the diner or even just gone for an early morning stroll. It was a beautiful morning, and unseasonably warm as well. Still, she’d brought the bagels, and there were too many not to share. She’d leave them for them regardless. Beth pulled the keys from her bag and unlocked the door.

Swinging it open she called out again, “Melissa? Sarah? Anyone home?”

Standing still in the doorway she heard nothing. It was a bit odd, but deciding that they must have walked somewhere, she made her way inside and to the kitchen.

She deposited the bagels on the counter before muttering to herself, “I need to leave them a note.” Plucking the magnetic pad from the fridge she spun in a circle attempting to find a pen. Spotting on the far counter, she quickly crossed the room and grabbed it.

Just as she picked up the pen, however, she heard murmurs from the end of the hallway where the master bedroom was located. She knit her brow, wondering if maybe her sister and girlfriend were indeed home, and then suddenly felt as if something was off. She didn’t want to walk into some sort of embarrassing moment, but then, she didn’t want to scare anyone either.

Looking from the counter to the door to the hall, she considered what to do. Should she leave? Should she go check to see if everyone was okay? She had called into the house and gotten no answer. Maybe something was wrong. The thought of Sarah or Melissa hurt or sick decided for her.

Beth made it a whole three steps down the hall before she was startled by a loud pop. Another quickly followed, along with a yelp of pain. Her eyes grew round as her thoughts lead to her believe those sounds only meant one thing.

As she stood frozen in indecision, she clearly heard Melissa’s deep voice in some sort of lecture and then Sarah mumbled some sort of apology. Both curious and worried, Beth took several steps toward the bedroom when she suddenly jumped as several more loud pops echoed through the apartment.

Swallowing hard, Beth began to form a mental picture of what was going on, and certain things started to make sense. It sounded like a spanking… but that couldn’t be, could it? Another five or six smacks echoed through the house. Beth felt her cheeks redden and she found herself tiptoeing closer to the master bedroom door. The door was open a crack, and as she caught a glimpse of her sister and Sarah, her heart skipped a beat. It was true. Melissa had Sarah pinned over her lap and was relentlessly spanking her naked backside.

She’d heard of such relationships before. Or had she just imagined them? It didn’t look like sexual play. It looked like discipline. Melissa was lecturing and spanking, hard. Sarah was whining and squirming like a naughty school girl being taken to task. Was this really the kind of relationship they had? Was this why Sarah didn’t want her to tell Melissa she’d been out of the apartment? Was she afraid that she was going to be punished? Who even punished another adult like that? It was barbaric, yet so alluring to watch.

As Beth continued to watch, she started to feel anxious. She was suddenly ashamed and felt guilty for just starting at them like some peeping-Tom. Even as the shame grew heavier with each resounding smack, Beth’s ears tuned into Melissa’s lecture. She was fascinated, and in a strange way couldn’t get enough of what she was seeing, and hearing.

“Good,” Melissa said in a deep voice before she raised her hand high in the air. She clapped it down solidly on Sarah’s left cheek. It made Beth jump and left a visible handprint on Sarah’s bottom. Without pause, Melissa raised her palm again bringing it down four more times just as sharply as the first all in the same place.

Beth gaped as Sarah’s only reaction was miniscule jerking of her hips as each swat connected and deep puffs of breath. She felt like her feet were glued to the floor as she was practically forced to watch the scene unfold before her. She wanted to say something, to stop it, or ask why, but she was also scared. She was frozen, unable to make a decision as her mind wheeled over the whys and ifs of what she was watching.

Five swats now done Melissa held the inflamed cheek and massaged again issuing her first warning, “You will not be disrespectful to me, Sarah Annabelle.”

Without giving her chance to answer Melissa moved to her right cheek swatting five times rapidly in succession all just all hard. The swats rung loudly around them. Sarah’s reaction still was only the slight squirm of her hips. Melissa repeated the gesture again roughly caressing Sarah’s cheek which displayed several prominent handprints and lectured, “You will not be disobedient, Sarah Annabelle.”

The seconds ticked by, but it was only when Melissa changed tactics and picked up a leather paddle did Beth seem to catch some common sense. She couldn’t get caught. It was unfathomable. She had to leave, now!

Gathering her courage, she quietly backed away from the door. She needed time to process what she saw, almost as much as she needed to leave. She paused only long enough to tear the paper away from the pad she’d written on, stuffing it into her pocket and grab her bag of bagels before fleeing her sister’s home.


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