Little Help From My Friends!



I’m happy to report that I’m working on the prequel to ‘Reining in Riley‘ and although I have a start with the Holiday Intervention story which I’ve expanded on, I was wondering what other characters I might explore a little more in this book. Riley and Joanna may not be together yet but the sequel book certainly insinuated some history. Just how did Helen meet Kate, or how did Helen break up with Karen for that matter?

Maybe it would fun to explore some of the trouble Kate gets herself into, or delve into a little more of the story of the Rae and Tracy at the ‘Other Left’? Riley knew them for six years so there must be some fun there? And don’t forget Doctor Ellen Morgan and her surfer girlfriend, Meagan. I was thinking about that big California storm where Meagan absolutely has to ignore the red flag warning in order to catch that perfect wave?

So many possibilities and characters to work with I was interested to see what or who you wanted to know more about? I also need title for this new story, I was tentatively thinking ‘Higher Learning’?

Would love to know your thoughts!


26 thoughts on “Little Help From My Friends!

  1. Well, Claire, as you know I am in love with Helen…. I would LOVE to learn more about her relationship with Kate! 😍 I love the two of them and their interactions in the Riley books. I bet Kate has gotten into a lot of trouble before Riley came around. 😏

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  2. Wow thats great Claire! Oooh… Rae and Tracy! I would love that. And Ellen Morgan and Meagan!😍 Its something about that doctor…
    But i honestly would love to know more about all your wonderful characters!

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  3. Oh.. so many possibilities. I almost think though that you should stick to one set of characters or another… like if you tell Joanna’s story stick there and the character’s that were there in her life at that time. If you do you Riley’s background stick to those characters. Even if they are short stories or a series of short stories, it might be strange until you link them up when Jo and Riley meet. So interesting though.. I’m looking forward to learning more about allll these characters.

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  4. So my vote is to know more about Helen and Kate’s story. There’s just something about Helen that really makes me squirm. Lol. Of course I’d love to learn more about all the characters so like CJ said, perhaps we’ll need more than one book. 😁

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    1. Hey Amanda, I think we will have to learn more about Helen and Kate then, it seems the popular opinion. If I remember Kate has some wild ideas of her own that Helen had to rein in, like wanting to be a military journalist in some dangerous places? I think there are absolutely a few stories there.πŸ˜‰


  5. I’m with the rest Helen is just soooooo Toppy, imaging her with her hands on her hips and a raised brow is enough to make me squirm. AND… Kate is cute and bubbly, a military journalist is pretty cool career intention, even if it doesn’t work out. BUT then again, Rae has her own squirmy effect too! And I love Tracy and Riley’s friendship, just imagine the mischief 😝😜 I’m with Amanda and CJ…. It just can’t be helped, more than one book is in need, eh? Can’t be too hard πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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      1. Yes, yes, yes 😍…you know, with having to wait for more books to be finished and published, you’ll be helping all those Toppy people we know, with their paitence skills too. We both know brats have no problems in that department πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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